Monday, 28 August 2017

Rumor Of Ayah Paul’s Death: See Our Exclusive Findings

Once we got the disturbing rumor of Ayah Pauls death, we sought for proof of this information perpetrated by some on social media. Its aching that many shared the information without a second thought to the implications.

As press men that we are, the quest for credible information led us to these exclusive findings.

ARREYB had a chat with spokesman of the Ayah’s family, Barrister Ayah Ayah who wrote to us saying:

“Yet again, there is some fake News being circulated on social média for days now to the effect that AYAH PAUL ABINE died 2 days ago.
Rumor Of Ayah Paul’s Death: See Our Exclusive Findings
Kindly whisper to All around you that AYAH is NOT DEAD Yet and He will not die before completing the divine mission the Most HIGH God has assigned to him. AYAH’s Health is failing but He WILL survive; FOR GOD IS WITH HIM…. ”

Hope you too weren’t trapped in the net of fake rumor. The reason why we need to practice the habit of sharing only the credible. Well that’s why this news source ARREYB exist. Log in anytime and get the most credible from information.

Share this and let them know it was all lies.

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