Thursday, 10 August 2017

Richard BONA Angry At Paul BIYA: "Mr BIYA I Beg You Immediately To Remove My Image From Your Video"

Richard Bona is very angry about a video broadcast on July 11 on President Paul Biya's official Facebook page, where Cameroon is praised as an indivisible, united and proud country. tells you more.

The short video of about 1min 13, presents the cultural wealth of Cameroon, its geographical and agricultural wealth. The video also presents some Cameroon leaders in their different field: from sport to culture one can discover Roger Milla, Adolphe Teikeu, Manu Dibango, Grace Decca, Richard Bona. And that's what bothers Jazz singer. "To Mr BIYA and his Government ... I beg you immediately to withdraw my image from your video. The right to the image obliges !!!" launches of entry of game this 14 July on facebook.
Richard BONA Angry At Paul BIYA: "Mr BIYA I Beg You Immediately To Remove My Image From Your Video"
Rather known as a singer-songwriter and exceptional bassist, Richard Bonaquickly became a regular feature in the political field in Cameroon. Complaining that he is required a visa to enter Cameroon and not to other Cameroonians who possess another nationality he refused a medal that was awarded him by the President of the Republic Paul Biya in 2015 Since then, he does not hesitate to rise to denounce the attitude of the president and his collaborators.

"And it's always you who start again, Again and Again ... What are you looking for?" I could not accompany my mother to her last home, because some members of the regime have decided that either officially or officially I am Person "NON GRATA" in Cameroon ... What I respected in Silence, so I had said that I would not come back anymore until we demanded a visa for one and not the other. Government show my image ??? U got to be ...... kidding me No No No I do not want it. "Writes the artist on his Facebook account.

And to continue "Where did your great artists come from ??? And your new generation of degeneration to the subscribers" INCULTURE "... ??? Or your singers who shine only by their" nudity "??? This is really the New cultural order 237. These will make a beautiful casting for your videos. Not me ... As time goes by, you do not even feel ashamed any more. Sincerity and My Convictions will haunt you forever.

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