Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kah Walla - Cameroon Government Jeopardizes The Future Of Over 1.5 Million Children!!!

Madam Kah Walla, one of ours, a true patriot and an honourable gladiator, after rebuffing FAKE NEWS to this writer concerning her siding with the other camp in a to-be-held activity abroad, had this to say concerning school resumption, the militarisation of both the North and South West Regions, the anglophone question and the way forward. Hear Her:

"Cameroon Government Jeopardizes the Future of Over 1.5 million children!!!

Estimated population of Cameroon = 23 439 185 (World Bank)

38 % between 5 – 24 years old = 8 906 890 young people of school going age 17% of these living in the NW & SW regions = 1 514 171 not including those who migrate from 8 other regions to attend what are some of the best schools in Cameroon.

Exactly one week to the official start of school on September 4th, the Government of Cameroon is jeopardizing the future of over 1 500 000 children!!!

The demands of the population and every other political, social and religious entity are clear. A few things are needed to bring a semblance of normalcy back to these two regions and create the environment for children to go back to school.
Kah Walla - Cameroon Government Jeopardizes The Future Of Over 1.5 Million Children!!!
#FreeAllArrested. The approximately 100 detainees in Kondengui Prison are the biggest stumbling block to regaining credibility and trust of the eople of NW & SW. These people were arrested without due process of the law. They have been detained for 8 months and the GoC has been unable to present a reasonable case against them. Until they are released, the majority of the population in the NW and SW will not trust nor heed the government. The arbitrary nature of these arrests which have gone on for 8 months, makes the population feel insecure and unsafe. They will not send children to school in this atmosphere.

• Reinstate #Dialogue. The Anglophone question is immense and complex. This current movement to reinstate Anglophone rights commenced with lawyers and teachers demanding improvements in the legal and educational systems to respect the Anglophone culture and ensure the rights of English-speaking citizens. This led to the question of the form of the State (Federal vs. Unitary vs. Two separate states). You cannot put spilt water back into the bottle. These questions have been put on the table, they must be answered. No question should be excluded from dialogue. It again becomes pressing to #FreeAllArrested as the leaders in prison are considered by most Anglophones as the legitimate people to sit around a #Dialogue table.

#Demilitarize. The overbearing presence of the military in the NW and SW is very rightly associated with arbitrary arrests and repression. This has been their experience over the last eight months. Government response has been to continuously increase the military presence. 400 more troops are joining the 900 + that are already in the two regions, bringing the total to over 1300 soldiers. This will cost the government an additional 370 million fcfa. This is ridiculous. This problem will not be solved by threats, bullying or violence!!!

These 3 things will create an atmosphere of safety so parents feel comfortable sending their children back to school.

Send this message to the Government of Cameroon.

#FreeAllArrested initiate #Dialogue and #Demilitarize the regions so children can go #BackToSchool.

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