Saturday, 19 August 2017

Jeune Afrique Magazine Says Paul Biya Is Suffering From Prostatic Hyperplasia & Osteoarthritis

"He is likely to suffer from prostatic hyperplasia, which is normal for his age."

For the second time in a year, the newspaper Jeune Afriquespeculates around the state of health of the Head of State of Cameroon.

The health of the Cameroonian president is evoked in a big file on “Comment se portent nos chefs d’Etat ?” that the weekly Panafricain published in its double issue 2953 – 2954 in kiosk from 13 to 26 August 2017.

Quoted among presidents who are reluctant to reveal their health status, a physician of Cameroonian origin, in Switzerland, questioned by the Pan-African weekly, argues that “it is very likely that Paul Biya, 84, is suffering from the Hyperplasia of the prostate “. What would be “normal for his age,” adds the Doctor, also Professor of General Medicine.

“On the gait of the Head of State, less alert in recent years, we can guess a few joint problems, and his difficulty climbing a staircase suggests an osteoarthritis. Certainly, the national television has forbidden to film him too closely, but he shows he has never used plastic surgery of the face, contrary to some of his counterparts“writes Jeune Afrique.
Jeune Afrique Magazine Says Paul Biya Is Suffering From Prostatic Hyperplasia & Osteoarthritis
After citing the “poor health” of the late Ahmadou Ahidjo‘s successor for 35 years, in another article published last year, the newspaper whose editorial is directed from Paris in France by François Soudan, reveals what it believes to be the secret of the good looks of the Cameroonian president. “His longevity is due to his lifestyle: he is a mundane man, he eats soberly, even if he is a wine lover.“

Two years ago, the French daily Le Monde said in an article published on its website and titled “Le couple présidentiel hors du pays et en mauvaise santé” that Paul Biya would have heart problems and prostate cancer.
In Cameroon, the question on the health status of the Head of State is among the taboo subjects.

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