Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fru Ndi Accuses President Paul Biya Of Mismanaging The Anglophone Crisis: "Mr Paul Biya Should Finally Resign"

The main opposition party spearheads President Paul Biya, the national resident of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC).

In a communiqué issued by the Social Democratic Front and signed by its president and whose copywriter had a copy, Ni John Fru Ndi on Saturday, August 5, 2017 after an umpteenth meeting of its National Executive Committee held the same Day in his stronghold in Bamenda, capital of the Northwest Region, he questions the management of the crisis in the so-called Anglophone area of ​​Cameroon by Paul Biya's government.

While demanding the resignation of the Head of State "who has sufficiently demonstrated that he abdicated from his duties as Head of State". Leader of the opposition opposition accuses the president of the Republic Paul Biya of being the cause of the stalemate of the anglophone crisis that has lasted ten months
Fru Ndi Accuses President Paul Biya Of Mismanaging The Anglophone Crisis: "Mr Paul Biya Should Finally Resign"
"The SDF reaffirms that the responsibility to solve this crisis rests on M / Biya's shoulder and only on him. Mr Biya, who has amply demonstrated that he abdicated from his duties as head of state, should ultimately give full effect to his actions by resigning his post. The incompetence, laxity and inertia of Mr Biya's regime are the very reason for the continuation of this crisis which plunges Cameroon into the abyss. Our children continue to rely on us for a better future. Writes Ni John Fru Ndi .

Apart from blaming Biya for the inability to manage this so-called anglophone crisis, the man accuses Paul Biya of being a tyrant. "Coherent in his usual intransigence and inability to deal with crises, Biya's regime has triggered a reign of terror on an increasingly determined people, pushing him towards the radicalization that now leads him to demand separation . "

Fru Ndi goes on to accuse the Biya regime of causing the Destruction of family units; Decrease in economic activities; The immeasurable consequence of the unprecedented break in access to the Internet; Fear, despair and trauma; The devaluation of school diplomas.

Denouncing the government's decision to send delegations abroad to explain the anglophone crisis to the diaspora at the expense of the taxpayer, he proposed to the regime: To solve the problems presented by the teachers of the English-speaking educational subsystem; Free the prisoners from this crisis; Demilitarize the South West and North West regions; Making return of teachers and lawyers in exile or on the run possible; Ending arbitrary arrests and harassment of people from the southwest and northwest regions.

The government's response is expected.

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