Friday, 25 August 2017

FIFA Wanted To Send A Strong Message To Paul Biya says Cabral Libii

Four years after the creation of the first standardization committee at the Roger Milla and Samuel Eto'o Football Federation in the country, FIFA has just created another, with exactly the same missions. 

Where a group composed of 4 high-level lawyers, lecturers of academic ranks has failed to write legal texts and organize a transparent election, will there be only other intelligences capable of escaping The curse of eternal renewal?

FIFA responds in the affirmative. Thus, the silence observed by Prosper Nkou Mvondo, Joseph Antoine Bell and John Balog following the attempt of the last chance made by the FIFA on July 11 last in Guinea Conacry was therefore neither naive nor innocent. They planned well! In the country where urgent decisions are sometimes awaited during a presidential term, many no longer believed in it. And yet, the disillusion of some is scathing. The reason of State is obviously no longer the reason of the Fifa. 

Sepp Blatter is really gone. Issa Hayatou is really fallen.
FIFA Wanted To Send A Strong Message To Paul Biya says Cabral Libii
Rarely has a ruling order been so brutally struck in its pride. It is to wonder if behind this case there was not a message that must be decoded ...

First element, on the site of FIFA the decision concerning Cameroon is entered in the heading "governance". This means that it participates in the grooming actions of negligence, carried out by the new reign. Was it mischievous to remind Paul Biya that before posting firmness about the "day said", he should have affirmed it to make rule in the fecafoot.

Second element is the opportunity to establish this standardization committee now. Tombi à roko was at mid-term, the organization of the CAN is the subject of a sudden runaway, why did the Fifa, which by a previous correspondence, seemed to have consecrated the fait accompli, suddenly turns face?

From our point of view, the accelerator may have come on August 8, 2017 when Issa hayatou decides to leave the silence to which it was relegated by his forfeiture last March to steal the system that marked his Recognition with a new job, PCA. Had he remonstrated with Ahmad Ahmad, had he forgotten that like him with Sepp Blatter, Ahmad Ahmad and Infantino were now making the new tandem?

While waiting to take all the heavy consequences of the disaster, remember that on September 28, 2017, Tombi to roko would have celebrated the 2 years of his election. On 12 November 2017, the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber will have canceled the electoral process for two years. On December 9, 2017 Abdouraman Amadou will remember that 2 years ago he seized the CAS. On February 27, 2018, the confirmation of the CCA award by the CAS will be 1 year. And it will be the day before the end of the mandate of the new standardization committee ... FIFA Wanted To Send A Strong Message To Paul Biya says Cabral Libii.

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