Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fadzayi Mahere Attacks Morgan Tsvangirai

As Robert Mugabe is threatened with the first opposition arsenal ever since 2005, the daughter of top CIO agent, Stephen Mahere, Fadzayi, has once again attacked MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mahere threw another of her attacks on Tsvangirai deriding the MDC leader over his upcoming rally which will be a historic opposition coalition, the first of its kind since the MDC party split of 2005 when the party became weaker after being ripped into two.

Mahere’s father, Stephen has been Robert Mugabe’s highly trusted Permanent Secretary for several years and is responsible for the present rot in the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry particularly during the GNU period when he many times frustrated efforts by former Minister David Coltart to reform the ministry.
Fadzayi Mahere 
Revelations previously made by ZimEye, show that Tsvangirai is this week uniting with former allies Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and others to form a formidable force in preparation for the 2018 elections. The development is speculated to remove Mugabe from power, something millions of Zimbabweans are celebrating. But Mahere became the lone voice to attack Tsvangirai claiming that at his meeting there is: “Not a single woman,” and “No young person.”

Many Zimbabweans did not take Mahere lightly, and took her to task over her attacks on Tsvangirai.

Wrote one, Bernard Muchabaiwa: “Fadzayi Mahere, do you know Jacob Ngaribvume? He is young as well. 38 years old. Iwewe I think you are about 36. Not much difference there.”

Another, Zolanni Ndhlovu, quipped in saying, “just because you displayed your mediocrity on this platform I will give you a free tip in return:

“In this election we are not voting for gender equality or youth empowerment nhaika, tiri kuda mabasa sister and food on our tables. For that to happen there must be change of government. Get that into your head.”

Below were other comments:
Lovemore Mazivisa: “I think this young, old and women narrative is being overplayed. As if women and the young should be abducted to meetings and if they do not attend out of failure of their own, the male adults should be to blame.” Fadzayi Mahere Attacks Morgan Tsvangirai

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