Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cameroon - CAN 2019: When Ahmed Ahmad Fires The Buttocks Of The Organizing Country

A little more than 72 hours after the statements of the boss of the Caf Ahmad Ahmad; The President of the Republic of Cameroon, the organizing country for the 2019 African Cup of Nations, has just agreed to award stadium and hotel rehabilitation work to a New York-based company in the United States of America.

In all respects, the recent release of the president of the African Football Confederation Ahmad Ahmad on the sidelines of a visit to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, will have seriously marked the summit of the State. " Even with four teams, Cameroon is not ready. We have decided that it is no longer the members of the executive committee who will inspect the countries selected for the organization of the CAN.
Cameroon - CAN 2019: When Ahmed Ahmad Fires The Buttocks Of The Organizing Country
It is now experts who will do this and the CAB will decide on the results. As for Cameroon, we will send the experts and we will decide at the end of their inspection mission, "said the CAF president.

A firmness in tone that could make it possible to understand the eagerness of the Head of State Paul Biya to decide on the allocation of some work related to the preparation of the next African Cup of Nations planned in only 22 months in Cameroon.

In correspondence dated 08 August 2017 addressed to Ben Modo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Potomac, the Secretary General of the President of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, informed the addressee of a favorable opinion. The President of the Republic agreed to award the work to the New York-based company to rehabilitate four training stadiums in the town of Garoua, the capital of the northern region. Still in this city, the company must also work to rehabilitate the hotel Benoué as well as the construction of a 4-star hotel.

A correspondence that already raises some questions in the public opinion, notably on the award of this contract which is made by the Head of State and not by the Ministry in charge of public procurement.

In any case, Ben Modo has been asked to work with the Ministry for the signing of the contracts and agreements relating to the allocation made to him, as well as to the Ministries of Tourism and Tourism Recreation, Sports and Physical Education, and Economics and Finance. Cameroon - CAN 2019: When Ahmed Ahmad Fires The Buttocks Of The Organizing Country

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