Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cameroon / Anglophone Crisis - President Paul Biya Between Spite and Panic

The anglophone crisis in Cameroon puts President Paul Biya in great embarrassment. In disgust, he dispatched emissaries from his government to explain his version of the facts to Cameroonians residing in the country of Uncle Sam.

President Paul Biya faced with the scale of the Anglophone crisis
It was in vain that Paul Biya, President of Cameroon, multiplied the political actions to try to overcome the anglophone crisis. Dispointed and panicked, he has just entrusted a mission to members of the Government to go to the United States where they will have to provide his version of the facts. Many anglophone events create a problem that is taking on very disturbing proportions.

Cameroon's Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, appealed for his mission to his Cabinet Director, Paul Mingo Ghogomu, former Minister Elvis Ngolle Ngolle and his Technical Advisor, Fabien Nkot. These emissaries will have a week to convince the Cameroonians of the diaspora.
Cameroon / Anglophone Crisis - President Paul Biya Between Spite and Panic
It will also be necessary to convince the American authorities of the version of the facts that characterize this anglophone crisis. In any case, it is a deeply US diplomatic lobbying that Biya is engaged in, which is beginning to lose control of the anglophone part of Cameroon because of the current crisis.

From 03 to 09 August 2017, the emissaries of the government will have to lead this delicate mission. Why the United States? Ask some observers of this crisis. The answer lies in a marked suspicion that Cameroonians in the diaspora are the financiers and sponsors of Anglophone events organized on different geographical points in the Cameroonian territory (Yaoundé, and other North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon).

Between federalism and secession, Cameroonians in the American diaspora remain intransigent. For them, it is necessary to go resolutely towards the creation of a new State. They take the international community to witness by indexing all the actions implemented, linked to this crisis.

On the other hand, President Biya deems their actions to be acts of terrorism, rebellion, outrage and the threat of the death penalty. Cameroon / Anglophone Crisis - President Paul Biya Between Spite and Panic

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