Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Big Controversy Around The Organization Of CAN 2019 - CAF Reassures

The organization of the CAN 2019 attributed to Cameroon would it be compromised? Everything would lead one to believe, given the big polemic going on. The CAF is trying to calm the situation by challenging those who spread false information.

CAF, that of uncertainties about the organization of CAN 2019 !!!
The 2019 edition of the African Cup of Nations( CAN 2019 ) in Cameroon is increasingly fraught with uncertainty. This situation originated in rumors about a likely relocation. Kheireddine Zetchi , president of the Algerian Football Federation, said that his country was closely following the issue.

While officials of the African Football Confederation ( CAF ) tried to silence the rumors, another voice was raised. It is that of the journalist Hafid Derradji who affirms that the institution directed by Ahmad Ahmad will soon take a decision. He even said that the relocation is almost acquired ... in Morocco.
Big Controversy Around The Organization Of CAN 2019 - CAF Reassures
As if to confirm this information, an official, under cover of anonymity, said that Morocco had been approached as the last resort to host competitions whose holding is threatened in other countries. According to this logic, the relocation of the CAN 2019 in Morocco would be quite conceivable according to him. Especially since the implementation of infrastructures by the Cameroonian authorities is lagging behind.

A CAF official has gone to the niche to clear up any misunderstanding: " What we need to know is that Morocco did not seize CAF to formalize its candidacy, in case Cameroon could not honor its commitments. There is a lot of speculation, rumors, but nothing is founded. Inspection missions will go to Cameroon, which has never said that he plans to withdraw. "

Note that CAN 2019 could be played with 24 teams instead of 16 as usual. This change therefore requires additional provisions. Cameroon, whose team " The Indomitable Lions"are the champions of the title, will he be able to meet this challenge? Big Controversy Around The Organization Of CAN 2019 - CAF Reassures

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