Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Arrest Of Fabian Fomuki Sparks A Serious Diplomatic Row Between President Biya and President Trump

The arrest of Fabian Fomuki, an American citizen currently on vacation to Cameroon is reported to have spark diplomatic row between the of Cameroon and the United States of America.

According to an unimpeachable source close to the Unity palace -Etoudi who informs there is now an increasing tension between Yaounde and Washington,the Etoudi adamantly refused it knew the where about of the Boston Massachusetts resident Fabian Fomunki despite all diplomatic pressure from various quarters of the US administration, including some Senators and MPs.

He was abducted last Tuesday June 20th 2017 at about 8:45 PM local time in the economic ‘capital’ of Douala but it was not until Saturday 1st of July that Yaounde decided to confirm they covered it up. is aware the US citizen was examine Sunday by Doctors designated by the US embassy Yaounde in one of the confined cells of SED (Seceteriate de gendarmarie ) in the nations capital Yaounde where he has been since his arrest.
The Arrest Of Fabian Fomuki Sparks A Serious Diplomatic Row Between President Biya and President Trump
The US is now asking questions why it took the Biya regime a week to accept they even knew of the name Fabian Fomuki.Asked about the reason he been detained our source insisted ,it has to do with the current Anglophone crisis.

Southern Cameroonians feared for the life of Fabian.They made sure the momentum to know his where about was consistent and even wrote and call the White House informing Trumps office that a son of Guneku Village, Momo Division, Northwest Region is in the hands of President Biya’s killing square.The publication can confirm that this is an audio of a recorded calls made by a concern Former British Cameroonian to the White House highlighting his abduction.

Fabian Fomuki is reported to be visiting Cameroon purely on a business trip with a 40 foot container.
He’d secured the release of his container four days prior and preparing to travel with the same to Bamenda.He was ambushed and whisked off to the much dreaded underground cell at the secretariat de defense (SED) Yaoundé.Though some reports suggest he was turture and electricuted, can not confirmed this stories but should in the days ahead.

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