Friday, 7 July 2017

Parliament To Strip Off Hon Wirba Joseph Immunity To Order Arrest

Hon. Wirba Joseph is a Parliamentarian from the Jakiri constituency in Southern Cameroons. BaretaNews is getting verified and confirmed emergency reports that the National Assembly in La Republique Capital, Yaounde will meet on Saturday, 8th July in an extra-ordinary bureau to strip off the immunity of Hon. Wirba Joseph. 

This post is an urgent call to all Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad to get ready. It is a special call for the Camerounese Parliament and its members to abandon such an idea and forfeit such a meeting and most especially it is a special MUST DO for all SDF MPs and Senators to show solidarity if such happens and finally take the high road by abandoning that Parliament and end the game once and for all. This move our sources say is to enable La Republique to order the arrest of Wirba under the trump up charges of state subversion and terrorism. The people shall resist such an attempt.

Sources close to the government have disclosed that the new plot was hatched a few days ago in a bid to physically contain and restrain the unstoppable Hon WIRBA, whose courage at speaking up for the people of Southern Cameroon, has shamed and shocked La Republique! On June, 21st, 2017 Honourable Wirba shocked La Republique Parliament where he made an emotional return and took the stage addressing exactly what he said on 2nd December 2016 which let to his escaped. He said “I am back for the same purpose.You cannot shut down the mouths of the people”
Parliament To Strip Off Hon Wirba Joseph Immunity To Order Arrest
The fearless warrior from Nso had within his return granted series of interviews to radio and TV houses both in La Republique and Southern Cameroons. He has within this time maintained his call for the restoration of a West Cameroon State which indirectly means a call for a two state federation.

On June 30th, 2017 over Canal TV, he made the following proposals to end the current crisis:

1) Stop the reign of terror in West Cameroon.
2) Liberate all in prison
3) Amnesty for all who ran out of Cameroon
4) Go to the dialogue table starting with discussions on the foundation of our edifice.

On 3rd, July 2017, Hon Wirba addressed a letter to Western Embassies in Yaounde where he revealed that the regime of Paul Biya plans to assassinate him or get him arrested. He declared that since the constitution of his country cannot protect him, he is begging for help and protection from the Western Embassies. It is indeed sad to know how low an MP can go because of the regime plans to target him.

We are therefore calling on all SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS at home and abroad to get ready for the final action to freedom. If Hon WIRBA is deprived of his constitutional rights by the reckless gov’t of La Republique, the people must rise and protect their own.


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