Friday, 7 July 2017

Of Catholic PTA Letter And The Calls For School Resumption

I have read the letter from the Catholic PTA requesting schools to resume. The letter in no way in bold terms requested the so called head of state to release all those arrested. The letter instead pleaded with the Head of State to see into it that schools resume-what nonsense. 

They forgot to take note that those abducted and in jail are parents too whose children are out there. They are students too in jail and there are teachers too in jail. We should have been talking of school resumption if La Republique has shown some signs of good faith by addressing even the legitimate worries of the teachers as well as releasing our people in jail. None of that has happened. Instead, the provocation continues daily from Mr. Biya and his cronies.
Of Catholic PTA Letter And The Calls For School Resumption

While I am confident that the PTA must have met as a result of the Bishops politicking which they intended to use as a leverage to call for school resumption soon, I sympathise with the points raised. The Bishops from every indication will use the letter of the PTA as the basis of their decision. Another porn in the political process.

Indeed, if we have lost an academic year without La Republique taking us serious, I am confident that should we enter the second year, things will change. This is what La Republique has been hoping for. They waited for the time when we will be tired ourselves and request school to resume. A little more civil disobedience will get us there, fortunately the hold up of schools have been the most non violent ways to champion the so called Anglophone Problem.

Schools resumption means the final sentencing of those in jail. It means bye bye to those in exile. It will mean a covert state of emergency in Southern Cameroons. La Republique is not ready yet, going back to school will mean they will pound on our people with all force. Look around, daily abductions still continues. They are planning to arrest Wirba etc. A continuous shut down of schools, a reduced and intensified Ghost Towns and the setting up of our interim government with complete compliance can get us there.

The PTA leaders who signed the document did not tell us what other measures we can embark on while the schools open their doors. What happens to all those who lost the year? Is promotion to the next class the answer? The PTA claims parents have sent their children to Francophone regions to study. That is a hyperbole. How many of our people have sent their children the other way? The fraction is small and negligible. In fact, it is a political language as far as I am concerned.

Everyone says we should look for other measures while school resumes. What are those other measures? Those holding such views should be proposing. The obvious we know. Are you ready?

It is therefore imperative for SCACUF conclave as it meets this weekend to look deeply into these issues, hasten up the interim government so that a clear direction should be sorted.

Our parents home need a clear message. SCACUF should send them that message.

We will get there but it will only take patience to get there.

Mark Bareta.

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