Friday, 7 July 2017

Cameroon -- The German Institute Which Led The Autopsy Of Bishop Bala Does Not Exist!

The arguments put forward by the Prosecutor of the Republic at the Court of Appeal for the Center region over the death of Bishop Bala are collapsing one after the other. 

Jean-Fils Kléber Ntamack had credited his arguments on the reports of “Professor Michael Tsokos, Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Berlin in Germany.

Together with his colleague from INTERPOL, Pr. Michael Tsokos concluded that “in the absence of any trace of violence on the body of the deceased”, “drowning is the most likely cause of death” of Bishop Jean- Marie Benoit Bala.

The biggest scandal is that this institute seemingly does not exist. Charitéplatz, 10117 Berlin, is rather “the University Hospital of the Charity of Berlin”. Also, when type “Institute of Forensic Medicine of Berlin”search engines give you no results.

Cameroon -- The German Institute Which Led The Autopsy Of Bishop Bala Does Not Exist!
Besides, On the hospital’s website site, this is no reference to Michael Tsokos. And searching his name on the saem hospital website gives you the following result : “No results”.
A search on the name Michael Tsokos through out the net shows that he is a pathologist and professor of Charity in Berlin. From the search Michael Tsokos (* 23. January 1967 to Kiel) he is a German pathologist and professor at Charity in Berlin. 2007, he headed the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Charity, and at the same time the National Institute of Forensic and Social Medicine in Berlin-Moabit. Tsokos is also the medical director of the ambulatory clinic protecting against the violence of Charity “.

All institutions that either do not exist or do not recognize him. on the other hand ,its been difficult to access his competences. But Internet videos portray Michael Tsokos as a top in forensics.

It is possible that we may be mistaken, but if this new element is proven, to be state lie, which many believe it is more and more plausible. Unless we are made to believe that he was not the man who led the reports in the communique of the state Prosecutor Ntamack of 4 July 2017.

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