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Cameroon -- Bishop Bala’s Death: Autopsy Test Report by INTERPOL Missing!!

As Cameroonian and Christians Worldwide await the reaction of the National episcopate conference of Cameroon following the communique of Prosecutor Jean-Fils Kléber Ntamack in which he said late Bishop Bala of Bafia Diocese died by drowning,reports now confirm that the bishops of Cameroon have the first two autopsies reports at their disposal.

Many have been wondering what evidence the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon have to concluded that “Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala was brutally assassinated”?

The bishops came to this conclusion because they actually come close to the body.According to Ebugnti .wordpress.com reports this morning July 8,They based their judgment on the first autopsy which took place on 02 June 2017 and during which the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon was represented,But not on observations under the bridge of Ebebda.

“As the owner of Bishop Bala’s body,” the Bishop of Cameroon received a copy of the first autopsy report duly signed by the various experts who performed the test.” The bishops, therefore, knowingly and assertively asserted that it was an assassination. The report concluded that there was no drowning and “ante-mortem violence”.
Cameroon -- Bishop Bala’s Death: Autopsy Test Report by INTERPOL Missing!!
Besides, Eyewitness accounts from under the Ebebda in monring of June 2, when the body of Mgr. Bala Was brought to the banks of the Sanaga river. “Talk of a straight stiff body, flat stomach, the hand resting on the stomach, the skin just wet and intact, eyes and mouth closed”reasons those present at the bridge said there was “no sign, in anyway of drowning.

In making the statement ,the Bishops who did not suspect any flow-play , committed a strategic error of communication “by not quoting a document which they received through a legitimate and non-confidential manner,the first autopsy report ” , Ebugnti source said .

According to the same indiscretion, the bishops should normally have also received a copy of the second autopsy report, to which they were also represented. This was “a confirmatory autopsy”. “of which they have.To seek new evidence from a second team of experts , The conclusions would have been similar,insist the source.

An autopsy report confirmation which was not to be in the liking of the Office of the Prosecutor in Yaounde, reasons they brought German expertise and the competences of Interpol. But unsurprisingly the bishops may not have been informed. Because if were,They would not have been represented(editor’s note- alafnet.com contacted a source close to the late Bishop if he was aware that INTERPOL will be performing an autopsy on the late MAN of God in Yaounde,but ,even after making some finding he was still lost on the subject). It is the latter, however, which talks of drowning “the most probable cause of the death of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala”.

The question now is did the third autopsy really take place? If yes, on which body did they perform the test? Did the third forensic examinations take place on the same body? Is it possible that the Prosecutor presented another body to Michael Tsokos and Mark Muller?

Only a clear answer to this last question can justify the conclusions that the report of Jean-Fils Kléber Ntamack .

By Edmond Tambe  | www.alafnet.com

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