Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Cameroon - Ayah Paul Abine - “THEY WILL KILL YOU” - Late Fomenky Warned The Now Retired Magistrate In Jail.

Ayah Paul Abine took to his facebook account today July 11th 2017 to share an extract of his diary. Below is what he wrote.

“THEY WILL KILL YOU” “As a senior judge, you are most suitable to be President of the national Assembly. I am a member of the CPDM team campaigning for you and I have been to Yaoundé four times already. But there is one worry – You are too honest and too courageous and you tell the truth too directly. I am telling you these things because my wife is also a magistrate so I am like one of you and we all know you too well. I feel therefore that I should warn you like a brother. I beg you to leave all that your habit here in Buea. Believe me. If you take your courage, truth and honesty to Yaoundé, they will kill you. Don’t say tomorrow that I did not tell you…”

I have produced here word verbatim from my dairy what late Fomenky told me at Buea in 2002 following my election to the National Assembly. For one thing I had grown up in part with Lieutenant Valentine, where I had overheard white people say over and over that black people are lazy, corrupt and dishonest. And I had resolved to prove the contrary at all cost.
Cameroon - Ayah Paul Abine
Much as I did value Fomemky’s warning, therefore, the goal I had set for myself were too entrenched to depart from… yet do I see today late Fomenky’s contemplation. Here I am in captivity, held hostage for upwards of 170 days without charge. My captors have not as much as offered me even a drop of drinking water even as the law enjoins them to feed me. All that in full knowledge that, they have fraudulently retained my 17 months’ salary, then gone ahead to send me on retirement, well possessed of the fact that, keeping me in captivity prevents me from following up even the payment of my pension. That is switching off the only means of livelihood for the Ayah’s; given that Mrs. Ayah isn’t only 8 years on retirement, but she equally moves on crotches, and her pension cannot foot even a quarter of her monthly medical bills.

The Cameroon gov’t has many ruses to kill ‘mocking birds’. Such is the recompense for my service to the nation for four decades. But let their will be done; Oh God the Most High; Ever all the wiser.

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