Monday, 17 July 2017

A Helping Hand For Charles Mungoshi - NSSA Makes Generous Donation - Aids Expensive Medical Bills

Celebrated author, Charles Mungoshi, who is on the mend following a successful repeat medical operation a few months ago, on Thursday received a shot in the arm from the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), which bought 100 copies of his latest novel, Branching Streams Flow in the Dark, for $1 000.

Mungoshi’s wife, actor Jesesi of Neria fame, said NSSA’s gesture was timely, as the money would go a long way in financing the author’s physiotherapy sessions.

“What you have done is big, as the physiotherapy sessions are so expensive that sometimes we fail to pay and those who are helping us have understood us that they even are doing it on credit,” she said.

“I thank you for what you have done and may God bless you for purchasing the books.
A Helping Hand For Charles Mungoshi
“You have played a big part, as the money has helped us to carry on with his physiotherapy sessions since he was discharged from the hospital, doctors emphasised on vigorous physiotherapy sessions for the next six months every day,” she said.

Jesesi also expressed her gratitude to people, who had chipped in to assist the family in its time of need.

She said she was optimistic that her husband, whom she said raised the Zimbabwean flag high with his writing, will be well soon to finish his pending

Speaking at the handover ceremony in Harare on Thursday, NSSA general manager, Liz Chitiga commended Jesesi for the work she was doing.

“We were heartened by the appeals you made when Mungoshi was sick,” she said.
“Mungoshi is a legend of this country because his way of writing is not only for Zimbabwean standards, but it is world class standards.

“His books are not read in Zimbabwe only, but they are read by many people in other countries and not just in Africa.

“It might be a small token, but we want to assure you that although you might not see us, we are always with you as we have built a relationship that I hope will last for long.”

Chitiga described Mungoshi as a legendary writer, who has put the country on the global map.

“Through Mungoshi, our country is recognised, as a nation that promotes the writing of books and reading, which is something that we want to encourage our children to learn instead of spending most of their time on WhatsApp,” she said.

Branching Streams Flow in the Dark was published in 2013, bringing to 16 the number of books Mungoshi has published.

These include novels, plays, short stories and poetry anthologies in Shona and English.

Chitiga said some of the novels are going to be distributed to different charity organisations, as a way to encourage a reading culture in both children and the adults in those institutions.

Source: Newsday

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