Thursday, 22 June 2017

See How Rekindled Love With An Ex Left A Man Embarrassed

A metaphor that says, ‘You never miss the water till the well runs dry ‘ is not only a metaphor for the notion but a reality that comes with love. This brings me to my story of a young man who broke up with his lover and upon realising that he needed her back he planned for a big event to get her back.

He invited all his friends for a reunion bash in one of the expensive hotel in town, a strategic place that was going to turn over in his life.

Unfortunately, the guy was publicly humiliated after his efforts to woo her former girlfriend failed miserably.

See How Rekindled Love With An Ex Left A Man Embarrassed
The girl's friends tried to persuade her to accept the man's propose to save him the shame but the girl didn't give in.She had already made up her in.She defiantly walked away leaving everyone around tongue tied.

According to the man, he failed to appreciate her ex while they were still lovers until she was out of his life that is when it dawned on him that she was such a precious gift to him.

He further said that he was the one to blame because he misunderstood her at that time. To him, he thought all he needed was to be a male figure in her life, but to her, she needed his time and attention.Above she needed him to be a responsible man.

The girl also revealed that the guy confused her so much, sometimes showing so much affection to her, then suddenly grows cold.Sometimes he used harsh words on her which pushed her away.

This man understood that love never gives up.To him, he made those foolish mistakes because he didn’t understand the real meaning of love.He wasn't wise enough to know that no other woman in the world suits him like her.

Meanwhile, in most cases many lovers or couples break up and divorce too easily; failing to realise that love is a long term investment.They make irrational decisions based on temporary feelings.

True love is not about finding your completeness in another person but rather about sharing your completeness with them fully in order to grow and expand more and more each day.

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