Thursday, 22 June 2017

Man Takes On A Bodaboda Rider For Defending His Wife Who Allegedly Cheated On Him With A Chinese

A good number of Kenyan men have condemned a bodaboda rider for defending his wife who allegedly cheated on him with a Chinese. The bodaboda rider is said to have come to the defense of his wife saying that the child belongs to him.

According to some men the writing on the wall that the child does not belong to him. Going by the fact that Priscilla worked as a maid at China Engineering and Construction Limited has made them believe that she cheated on her husband with a Chinese man.

“The only problem with this scenario is that one day the truth will sink into this guys head and right now right there you are looking at a potentially dangerous scene, he’s in denial blinded by love but that line has been crossed and I shudder at what may happen later on...aki wanawake!!” said Martin Mutitu.
Man Takes On A Bodaboda Rider For Defending His Wife Who Allegedly Cheated On Him With A Chinese
“Heheheh let's blame the environment it formatted the kid , open your eyes brother,” Robert Chege

“I hear this couple have been searching for the kid may be the guy has been sleeping on the job!” added Oanda Suzuki Evanovic.

On the other hand, the women have come to the defense of the woman telling men they should only talk if they are sure that the children they are raising belong to them.

“This is just news because the physical appearance difference is so clear......if it was a fellow African who would ever tell.....Men think they're the only ones who cheat..... My friend, there is no evidence the ones you got home are yours if you haven't done a DNA test,” Florence Kamau.

According to Serah Wothaya men are pretending to be clean yet they cheat on their wives.The only difference is that they have never been caught.So she thinks nobody should point an accusing finger at the woman.

“You are here ranting and castigating the woman. How many times have you cheated? The fact that you have never been caught doesn't make you an angel. And men how sure are you that the ones at home are yours?they might not be Chinese but then……..,” Serah Wothaya.

Some men have downplayed the issuing knowing that cheating is so rampant in this generation. They have lauded the man for handling the issue maturely. According to Oscar Ouma, it is a resemblance that came up because the woman is so close to the Chinese.

“This baby is an asset, one that no sane man would disown.Don't you know with 50 such babies we would start building our own roads, bridges without seeking help from outside say 20 years to come?” Anthony Gatheca.

“I know what the guy is going through is hell.vile watu wa boda wako na udaku kwa stage kuliko madem salon,” Oscar Ouma.

Meanwhile, the “Chinese babies” that were born during the Thika Superhighway construction project made the relevant authority to warn the Chinese men against having illicit affairs with local women.

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