Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Young Man Shocks The Nation By 'Getting Married To ARVs'

'Till death do us part' is a common wedding vow. Its implication is that nothing other than one partner dying can end the marriage.

It can be used in other contexts but it will nearly always be referring to the wedding vow; even if it is spoken outside a marriage ceremony it will imply a long-standing alliance or partnership between two people that is expected to last for a lifetime of those involved.

This brings me to my story of a twenty-year-old teenager who has shocked the nation by publicly declaring his HIV status and vowing to take ARVs till he dies.In what is perceived as a marriage to ARVs.

According to Kimtai Kemboi, he has found a more probable context where he has applied the wedding slogan “ Till death do as part….”
A Young Man Shocks The Nation By 'Getting Married To ARVs'
“This is a slogan common in wedding ceremonies that either will work or walk out. It wasn't my wedding, though I had to say it when I was initiated to ARVS some ten months ago,” said Kemboi.

Kemboi revealed that he came up with this slogan after a short conversation with the doctor just to confirm if he was taking his ARVs.

This was their conversation:-

Doctor: Kemboi, Do you take ARVS as your......

Kemboi: (Before he finished) Yes I do.

Doctor: Will you take it for the rest of your life?

Kemboi: Yes, till death do us part!In addition, Kemboi said that HIV can only feed on his tissues but not his soul.He further said that it will weaken his immunity but not his thinking.

He also revealed that most people fear go for to tests because of stigmatisation, they fear losing friends or even being disowned by their families.

Meanwhile, he said that disclosure is very important and it should be done to people one can trust.

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