Monday, 3 April 2017

Prophet Uebert Angel back, mocks bond notes

Multi-millionaire and hugely popular man of cloth, Uebert Angel surprised congregants at the Good News church-formerly Spirit Embassy- when he turned up at their Friday service in the capital. 

Angel appeared at the Good News church’s yearly conference in Zimbabwe on Friday, effectively silencing critics who claimed he had fled the country and would not dare return for fear of being arrested. The conference at City Sports Centre had been advertised to feature Uebert Angel’s wife- BeBe Angel and Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri. As such, the sight of Uebert Angel overwhelmed the congregants.

Going by their numbers and the reception he received on the first night of the two-day conference where even notable grown men, politicians and businessman alike shed tears while many screamed and some fell down as they were overcome with emotions of joy.
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A senior member of the church said:

“Uebert Angel proved in all ways to be a living legend who still commands respect of millions worldwide. His charisma is as powerful and wide-ranging now, 10 years since pioneering and revolutionizing the prophetic world in the modern form as we know it. Famed as the architect and leader of modern-day prophetic revival in Africa and perhaps the world, Uebert Angel, made an epic surprise return to Zimbabwe and has proved yet again that he is still mega popular. Then old adage which says the sky is the limit has no hold or consequence to Uebert Angel, he is yet to reach his peak if there is any such level for him”.

He added: “Such is Angel’s reach that many in Christian circles have no argument with regards his position in the prophetic. A new generation of followers, from across the globe has been brought up to know him simply as Major, the Good News Man and the leader of the Good News movement, bravely defying all critics and all ill talkers, he has made prophesying look easy, almost like child’s play. Many of the upcoming prophetic voices around the world mention his name in order to validate their own ministries. This is all because of his record in the prophetic ministry we are made to understand. He has been accurate in all his prophetic predictions even one that some other well knowns got wrong. 

Uebert Angel called it correctly on the US presidential election one year before the winner even declared he was running for presidency. Many across the world have been introduced to the tenacity and heavenly gift of Uebert Angel through his media networks such as GoodNews TV and Miracle TV and other social media channels. His teachings and ability to hear from God is proving a hit worldwide as his popularity continues to grow. Uebert Angel is undoubtedly a living legend never to be counted out and as he always says; “If you counted me out then you can’t count”.

Source: H Metro

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