Friday, 17 February 2017

Zahara Not Worried About Body-Shamers With ‘Bad Bodies’

Her body-shamers, according to Zahara, even encourage bad eating habits for their kids.

Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana has responded to the body-shaming she received on Thursday night after posting a picture of herself in a revealing black dress. The ‘Country Girl’ hit maker said all those comments did not worry her, all she did was click on her haters’ Facebook profiles and realise they were just not worth her time.

The haters, according to Zahara, were those who have “bad bodies” and jealous of the weight she had lost, presumably something they were struggling to achieve. However, what bothered her was that the mean comments came from women, she told TimesLive.

Zahara posted a picture on Thursday night and said she was getting ready for a photoshoot, but she soon started receiving vicious comments.

The award-winning musician was criticised for basically everything. While some criticised her for being a “weave girl” instead of rocking her natural hair like she used to, some said they had lost respect for her for wearing a revealing dress.

Some defended her and said she could wear whatever she wanted, further slamming those who were body-shaming her.

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