Friday, 17 February 2017

Zahara Claps Back - Those Who Hate On Me Are Overweight and Feed Their Kids Burgers

Award-winning musician Zahara has responded to the barrage of abuse she received from those who body shamed her, saying that her haters should look in the mirror before judging her.

Zahara was the talk of Twitter on Thursday night after she posted a saucy picture of herself showing off her body. A few users expressed their outrage and dragged Zahara for posting it, but the star's fans quickly jumped to her defence.

Zahara was watching the fierce battle between the two camps and told TshisaLIVE that her haters were just jealous of her weight loss.
Zahara horribly body-shamed but her army fought back

"I was watching them saying all kinds of things about me and it doesn't worry me because I know that the people who are hating on me are those who have bad bodies and are jealous that I have lost weight," she said.
She said that she had gone on to her hater's Facebook pages and saw that they were often overweight and encouraged bad eating habits with their children.

"I don't talk back to people. I opened their pages and I see that they feed their children burgers and junk food. Please people, teach your children to be healthy and feed them vegetables," Zahara added.
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Zahara also pleaded with women to stop hating on each other and to start uplifting one another.
Zahara Claps Back - Those Who Hate On Me Are Overweight and Feed Their Kids Burgers

"It is sad that so many of the people who judged me are woman. It should not be like that," Zahara added.

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