Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why A NAMA For 2 Kings Entertainment Would Be Feasting Lucifer

It is a travesty of immense proportions why 2 Kings Entertainment even made it onto the list of contenders for Best Promoter for the 16th edition of the event.

After their scandalous offer of a measly $50 dollars for renowned dancehall artiste Sniper Storm to perform as a curtain raiser to one of their events last year which left the nation red hot in anger, which their name even featured is shocking.

Even more shocking is the fact that they even fancy their chances of winning after telling the local artiste to take the $50 or leave it, with helpful advice that he ought to ‘delete’ their numbers if at all he fathomed any chance of getting respectable remuneration.

The sheers scale of the evil was more palpable than the brimstone in hell.
Why then did NAMA even shortlist them?

Fair, they are a name that is new and has brought a new dimension to promoting and has done reasonably well but seeing as it is that one of the key requirements by the arts governing body is that any promoter should have a local set of artistes under any international bill, then the slap in the face by 2 Kings to Sniper should not go unpunished.

Rewarding them will only send the wrong message and will leave promoters wielding ungodly powers over the vulnerable artistes.

If they could insult an artiste as big and internationally toured like Sniper imagine how they can unilaterally sodomise a fresh name in the game like Boom Beto who wants to make himself known and is craving for a shot on a stage alongside an international act.
Sniper Storm was offered US$50 by 2 Kings Entertainment to perform at Jah Cure gig
Tomorrow, more than ever before, the light shall be shone on the Best Promoter category. And making 2 Kings win would be like setting a feast before the Devil, rewarding sheer sorcery with a pat on the back!

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