Sunday, 4 January 2015

Malawi prophet predicts Mugabe death in 2015

HARARE – Controversial but hugely popular Malawian prophet, Austin Liabunya, has once again “prophesied” the supposed pending demise of President Robert Mugabe.

According to the online Malawi publication, the Maravi Post, Liabunya once again predicted at a New Year’s day service that Mugabe would pass away this year.

This is not the first time that the maverick prophet has predicted the end of Mugabe in his controversial prophecies that have left a bad taste in the mouths of both friends and foes of the Zimbabwean strongman.

Mugabe, who is currently on his annual leave in the Far East, has on many occasions in the past 10 years been falsely, and sometimes maliciously reported to have passed away.
President Robert Mugabe
The persistent rumours around the health and life of the relatively fit, and often funny nonagenarian, once led him to say in jest that according to his enemies he had died and resurrected several times more than Jesus Christ.

The Maravi Post reported Liabunya saying during his New Year’s Day service in Lilongwe that Mugabe’s biological clock would stop ticking this year.

“About Zimbabwe, the man of God said Robert Mugabe’s biological clock will not tick beyond this year (2015). During the night of cross-over service, the man of God said Zimbabwe will then be restored and that it will be in the top five of the richest countries in Africa.

“About Grace Mugabe who joined politics, he said she will never win in Zimbabwe’s politics (presumably the leadership of the country), saying she is being forced to join politics to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

“On this, the man of God said it will be good for Grace Mugabe to contest so that she should give the wealth back to the citizens of Zimbabwe during the campaign period,” the Maravi Post reported.

Liabunya is a controversial figure who has attracted a huge following in Malawi over the past few years, after allegedly predicting political events in the country accurately.

His followers claim that he correctly predicted that former Malawian President Joyce Banda would be defeated in the country’s 2014 elections. Daily News

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