Saturday, 8 November 2014

Rivers of Joy Ministries Pastor Beaten Up, Caught Practicing Mubobobo at Hospital

In a case that yesterday left the Plumtree border town community with numerous unanswered questions, a pastor with Rivers of Joy Ministries escaped death by a whisker from an angry crowd, after he was caught in the act, allegedly abusing a female patient at a hospital.

The man of the cloth who was always visiting the district referral hospital, said to be praying and motivating the sick, was yesterday forced out of the hospital as he was bashed all over the body by a crowd calling for his head for using the traditional Bluetooth to enjoy sexual intercourse, with a sick hospitalised woman without her consent.

Pastor Mafios Tsebe, screamed for help, before taking to his heels for his life, after he was caught soon after his routine prayer sessions, enjoying the forbidden fruit from a sick woman, who was admitted at the hospital for an undisclosed illness.

The drama started when a woman, who cannot be named for protection of her reputation, started to perform, suspiciously, and crying for help. She was wailing for assistance from the public, “please help, look at that man, he is inserting his manhood in my thighs, please help, he is already in my thighs, he is raping me maibabo!”

People, who had visited their beloved at the hospital, came to the rescue of the victim, after they discovered the pastor allegedly pressing his foot down, with his zip wide open and groaning, with high manhood in erection.

Rivers of Joy Ministries Pastor Beaten Up, Caught Practicing Mubobobo at Hospital
People shouted , “arikuitazvemubobobo, please bataimunhu, ngaarobwe!” the crowd started assaulting the pastor who had already started pleading for mercy, but that was falling on deaf ears, as the pastor was viciously bashed .

The man of the cloth was saved from further embarrassment from the mob after a hospital security guard restrained people from meting their said “justice” inside the hospital premises. This also created an opportunity for his escape from the jaws of the angry mob.

ZimEye managed to speak to the pastor, but he denied while mumbling about his alleged possession of the most hated traditional magic, of forcibly indulging into sexual intercourses with woman, without their consent.

“I don’t know what really happened to me as I was like someone possessed. I can tell you that I was not doing anything like that. I was just praying.” Asked why his zip was wide open and the woman in question crying for help while pointing at him, he said, “If you think I have mubobobo, then go away and write your wishes, I am a clean man,” pastor Tsebe said before snubbing this journalist.

According to the victim, who is still in hospital, the pastor was raping her and that is why she cried for help.

Several people, who were at the scene of the incident, criticised pastors, who they described as wolves in sheep’s clothing. “We are now afraid of these so called pastors and their churches, as they have become more and more dangerous to the community,” said another eye witness.

Traditional leaders and other Christian activists accused the pastor for “practicing Satanism in public”.

Hospital staff and the security could not comment, and they referred all the questions to the Ministry of Health to get their position on the case.

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