Friday, 8 August 2014

Youths endorse Amai Mugabe

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
THE Zanu-PF Youth League yesterday unanimously endorsed the recommendation by the Women’s League that the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe be appointed Women’s League boss at the party’s elective National People’s Congress slated for December.
The endorsement was made at a colourful function at Amai Mugabe Children’s Home in Mazowe ahead of the start of the Youth League Conference today.
Youths endorse Amai Mugabe
Youths endorse Amai Mugabe
The gathering — which was a throwback to the women’s gathering held on July 26 — drew youth executives from all 10 provinces, ministers, legislators, Politburo and Central committee members.

Zanu-PF National Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Absolom Sikhosana set the ball rolling by announcing the League’s position, followed by all 10 provincial Youth League chairpersons.

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“We have one reason for being here and that reason only,” said Cde Sikhosana.

“We have come to endorse the resolution that was adopted by the Women’s League led by Mai (Oppah) Muchinguri that we ask our Mother to help us in leading the Women’s League in our party Zanu-PF,” Cde Sikhosana said to wild applause from delegates.

“We are here for that reason to come and support, to come and affirm, to come and bear testimony that as your Youth League we are behind and supportive of our resolution that you lead the Women’s League.’’

Zanu-PF is made up of three main elected organs, the Main Wing, Women’s League and Youth League.

All the provincial Youth League chairpersons roundly condemned some party big wigs who were interfering in their elections scheduled to take place at their conference that begins today.

The youths pleaded with Amai Mugabe to inform President Mugabe of the threats they were receiving from some senior party members who wanted to influence the outcome of their elections.

In response, Amai Mugabe said although it was the prerogative of the President to appoint the Secretary for the Women’s League, she was ready to work with the youths to advance the revolution.

“Yes, that’s my wish,” she said. “This position (Secretary for Women’s League) is up to the President and First Secretary of the party to choose a suitable candidate.

“I have committed myself to work with you … I will talk to your leadership, but I am very strict. I will be with you to ensure that your concerns are addressed,” Mai Mugabe said.

She rapped factionalism in the party, especially among big wigs who were jostling for various positions ahead of the congress.

She urged people to be patient, adding that she was not harbouring political ambitions, but several people were coming to her pleading that she should lead the Women’s League.

“I never thought kana one day kuti ndingave actively involved in politics,” she said. “Not even one day that I said to anyone come lets discuss how I want you to support me because I hear some newspapers are alleging that she wants this, she wants that.

“But anyway, I am not cowed by any mortal being. They can go and write whatever they want, books, plans, but maplans avo they will come to naught.”

Amai Mugabe said it was disturbing that Zanu-PF members were fighting among themselves, yet they had a common enemy to fight.
“Why do you fight each other in Zanu-PF?” she asked.

Amai Mugabe took a swipe on some Zanu-PF leaders using money to buy votes ahead of the December congress.

On a lighter note, she said she had been married to the President for almost 30 years and it was the President’s choice to have two wives.
Amai Mugabe said most men were hiding their second wives.

“We are tired of small houses, secret wives … we see drama at the Heroes Acre, women coming with many children saying I am so and so’s wife,” she said.

Amai Mugabe said Zimbabweans knew the kind of person she was, adding that she was committed to working for the country.

“They will see,” she said. “It is question of time. My time has now come to show people what I am made of.”

Amai Mugabe said the youths should be allowed to choose their leaders without interference from other senior party leaders.

“I see the youths are very spirited about these issues and I have caught on to their determination,” she said. “Down with those who oppress others.”

She urged Zanu-PF youths to be peaceful and shun violence.

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