Friday, 13 June 2014

Young Man Tattoos 666 on His Forehead [PICTURED]

Is this sign of end-time or just youthful exuberance? A young upcoming dance-hall musician boldly tattooed 666 on his forehead

Young Man Tattoos 666 on His Forehead [PICTURED]
Here is what he had to said...

“My name is Lee 2 Sparta. I am a Spartan. I come from Mobay. Big up to the Sparta King Tommy Lee. Big up the whole Mobay we don't Fear people no day. You see my face tattoo, i got that because im a Sparta for life. I dont give a dam about anybody.” In case you do not know what the number means to Christians? 666 is a number noted by Christians as a mark of the beast (devil) and would be used to identify those who worship Satan in the end of days. Read Revelation in the bible for more info.

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