Friday, 13 June 2014

Girl has miscarriage at Chicken Inn

Midlands Reporter
Fast food lovers in Gweru were given a scare on Tuesday when a young woman had a miscarriage at the Chicken Inn food court in the city centre. The unusual development took place in the afternoon in the Chicken Inn toilets.
Latest: Girl has miscarriage at Chicken Inn
According to an employee who spoke on condition of anonymity the girl (name withheld), who is a student at Midlands State University, arrived at the popular food court at about 6am.
“She came here at around 6am and spent the greater part of her time sitting alone. The girl was not ordering anything till around 10am when an unidentified man who, judging by the body language, appeared to be the boyfriend joined her at the table.

“The girl ordered chicken and chips at this very counter. That is when she started groaning, showing signs she was in terrible pain. The young man tried to run away but we intercepted him before he could escape,” said the food court attendant.

The Chicken Inn employee said the girl started bleeding heavily and was swiftly led to the ladies restroom where she was attended before an ambulance came and took her away.

However, the incident has since sparked debate among vendors and shoppers.
Speculation is rife on whether the incident was genuine miscarriage or attempted abortion.

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