Monday, 5 May 2014

Peter Moyo madly in love with Botswana musician (divorcee and mother of 2)

Sungura Musician Peter Moyo is reportedly head over heels for Motswana dance Queen Naledi Kayisara better known as Slizer.

The two artistes have been spotted together on many occasions and Peter Moyo is said to be visiting the mother of two at her Botswana base regularly. Slizer was also in the country recently recording a duet with Peter and it emerged that their relationship has gone an extra mile. Peter and Slizer are reported to have first fallen in love at last year's Tongai Moyo commemoration gigs held country wide.

This publication is reliably informed that the two took it slow before falling in love and Peter ended up staying at Slizer's hotel room, it is alleged. Peter once put a picture he was taken with Slizer as his Whatsapp profile.
Peter Moyo madly in love with Botswana musician (divorcee and mother of 2)
Following the release of their duet last month,it was not long before rumours started making rounds that they were an item. A source close to the two artists revealed that the couple is now familiar at a local hotel(name withheld) in the capital and now have a permanent room.

"Peter is madly in love with Slizer. Slizer always come to Zimbabwe and they are now common forces at a certain hotel in Harare," said the source.

Reached for a comment, the Young Igwe was not comfortable discussing the issue.

"I think that is my personal life, Yes there is something going on between me and Slizer but its our secret. I can't deny it but its my personal life. Some of the things should be just kept secret. I knew it that people are going to say a lot. What is wrong spending most of my tie with Slizer? We are artists and we have common interests. As of last year, I invited her for my father's commemorations and she was part of the tours and one way or the other we were forced to be together most of the time. When I go to Botswana and get the chance to meet her,I don't think there is anything wrong," said Peter.

Its understandable why The Young Igwe may not be too keen for the public to know of the affair given that Slizer, who is believed to be in her late twenties, is a divorcee with two kids one of them now aged ten.

Slizer could not be contacted for comment as her Botswana mobile number was unreachable.

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