Monday, 5 May 2014

Macheso Fumes: Latest on Macheso and Tafadzwa's divorce: Paternity tests fail because...

As a way to speed up the divorce process between himself and his estranged wife, Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako, sungura musician, Alick Macheso had pushed for paternity tests to be held at a private institution in the Avenues area of Harare last Friday.

Macheso even turned up early on Friday with members of his camp but Tafadzwa was nowhere to be seen and the musician had to return home in fury. Tafadzwa's camp says she is currently traumatised and unable to avail herself and the two kids - Alick Junior and Manisa - at the centre of the dispute for paternity tests.

Macheso Fumes: Latest on Macheso and Tafadzwa's divorce: Paternity tests fail because...
Unconfirmed reports say she indicated that she was in Mutare when the Macheso camp looked for her on Friday morning. THis has prompted Macheso, through his legal team of Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Macharaga Law firm to write a strong-worded letter to her over the issue.

Macheso maintained that he is concerned about Tafadzwa's behaviour of fighting a war with 'falsehoods'.

"She was not present and we strongly suspect that she knows that the inevitable is coming. We are strongly concerned about her behaviour of fighting the war in the press with falsehoods. We have written a letter to her legal team raising our concerns," said Macheso's lawyer.

However, Tafadzwa's lawyer David Ngwerume denied having knowledge of the paternity tests. He said his client also did not know of the supposed tests.

"We were not aware of the scheduled tests. My client also did not know of any appointment to that effect hence I cannot say much on it," he said.

The lawyer added that his client is still traumatised and is yet to act on anything. he said he is still waiting for instructions from Tafadzwa.

However, our source revealed Macheso's failed paternity test mission.

"Macheso went to his lawyer accompanied by his daughter Sharon, assistants (Orchestra Mberikwazvo) manager Jethro and driver. Tafadzwa did not turn up for paternity tests as she is said to be in Mutare. Macheso left US$450, which Tafadzwa is supposed to collect from his lawyer as paternity test fees," said the source.

Macheso says Tafadzwa's wayward behaviour during their marriage creates obvious disharmony and uncertainty. He doubts that he is the real father of the two kids born during their four-year marriage. Now following Friday's no-show by Tafadzwa, Macheso has suspended the financial support he was giving his former wife.

The musician is also furious with allegations that he sexually abused "his" son in an unorthodox 'nhova' treatment. In a previous interview, Tafadzwa said his former husband inserted his 'anaconda' into the child's mouth until he released sperms. But Macheso has vowed to take Tafadzwa to the cleaners, accusing her of spreading unsubstantiated claims as a way of winning public sympathy in the divorce.

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