Thursday, 22 May 2014

How I Gave My First Head, Daddy’s Girl Memoirs (Blow j0b)

Before my first time giving head, I swore up and down that it just wasn’t for me.

From everything down to the saliva, it was just too personal for me.

To this day, I have yet to receive head.

Anyways, one weekend one of my friend’s childhood friend came to town.

I had a crush on him for a while.
How I Gave My First Head, Daddy’s Girl Memoirs (Blow j0b)
When we met and you would have thought I was mute the way I alternated between staring, smiling and twirling my fingers like a school girl.

I might have been in shock, but I did just enough for he and I to exchange numbers. LOL

He was not leaving town without giving me the golden nine digits.

We chatted for a short while then he decided that he was going to come sleep over the next day.

My friend looked at me like I was growing three extra heads.

Although neither one of us voiced these thoughts, we knew that after I fucked him, I wouldn’t be the same inexperienced girl that I was.

On the way to get him, I was too excited; It was like I was a little girl in a candy store.

The excitement flew right out the passenger window when we drove through the gated community where he was staying.

I finally realized that I didn’t know what the hell to say to him.

I knew nothing.

I was stuck on stupid I tell you.

So I let him and my friend chop it up about old times.

I only laughed and chimed in when necessary.

We got to my house and smoked for a while with my room mate before we split and headed to my room.

Soon as the door closed, I realized that I was trapped and there was no turning back.

I was a rookie at $ex and a foreigner to oral $ex. LOL

But, picture me telling him this shiii right before we’re about to have $ex… I’d be damned!

Now a days females and males in the industry are all trifling so, I knew from the rip there was no way he was trying to hear that shit.

So I turned on my inner Pinky and got to work.

When I pulled his di-ck out his boxers, my stomach dropped.

This man had a third leg.

Between his hung di-ck and knowing that he was knee deep in the industry, I became skeptical and extremely indecisive.

Sensing the apprehension I felt, he told me to consider him an “Average Joe” and not a rapper.

He went on and on about how easy it is like he was in my position LOL.

I was sold.

After a few baby licks, I realized that his di-ck didn’t have that weird taste I’d always expected it to have.

After that, it was a wrap.

I was su-cking, and slurping what I could fit in my mouth.

I even started tickling his balls until his leg muscles tightened and his hands were lost in my Brazilian hair.

I was going for a good 10 minutes when two bombs dropped:

1. His di-ck was too big so, i gagged and almost threw my lunch up in his lap.
2. The motherfv-cker nutted in my mouth.

After coming out of the bathroom, I found him fast asleep under my covers.

Needless to say, I slid right in and slept in the arm of my biggest rapper crush til it was time for me to wake him up to blunts and breakfast.

I guess its safe to say, I did a damn good job for my first time.

I must say, if I could do it all over, I would… only better.

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