Monday, 5 May 2014

Extremely s*x starved Hwahwa prisoner caught raping a cow

A man who escaped from Wha Wha prison after being found having sex with a cow, appeared in court facing charges of bestiality.

Remember Gambe was facing another charge of escaping from lawful custody after escaping from prison 28 days before his scheduled release in January.

Extremely s*x starved Hwahwa prisoner caught raping a cow
Gambe pleaded guilty to both counts when he appeared before magistrate, Mildred Matuvi.

He was remanded in custody to 2 May for judgement.

In January, Gambe who was serving his sentence at Wha Wha prison and had been awarded the privilege of an 'A' class inmate was deployed to the prison garden without supervision to attend to crops.

He was supposed to report back by 6PM.

The court heard that the apparently sex-starved Gambe ignored his assigned duties and proceeded to where a herd of cattle was grazing.

He grabbed one of the calves and proceeded to have sex with it.

A fellow inmate spoiled the 'intimate' moment when he came to investigate after having heard continuous mooing sounds from the abused beast.

Moyo caught the culprit pants down bonking the calf.

Gambe afraid of being exposed fled the scene by escaping from prison.

He has been on the run ever since until his arrest on 27 March in Gweru's City Centre.

Before committing bestiality, Gambe had been serving a seven-year jail term for a case of unlawful entry and robbery that he committed in October 2007.

Gambe was due for release on 30 January 2014 but everything changed when he committed the act of bestiality on 2 January.

Pearson Muringani prosecuted for the state.

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