Friday, 23 May 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Another Girl Escapes From Boko Haram And Tells Her Story

Another escaped victim, identified as Godiya Simon, who was among the 234 abducted girls, by Boko Haram members on April 14, yesterday narrated her ordeal in Sambisa Forest.

Speaking to journalist in Maiduguri, on how she escaped from the dreaded sambisa forest, she explained that after their kidnapping, they were made to walk through the forest where they were later kept in an open place inside the forest.

“The place we were kept was not just right and I felt that these people might kill us. We heard many bad things about them. I then began to plan how to escape. I told them that I wanted to urinate which they said no to, but after I kept repeating it, they allowed me to go along with three others. That was the time we escaped from the camp” she said.
BREAKING NEWS: Another Girl Escapes From Boko
The escapee, who said she couldn’t trace her way back to the forest acknowledged that they were held in the forest, as they could hear the sect members talking.

“No, I do not think I will know, you know we travelled at night. When we went to urinate, we started running. We were too scared, we just kept running, believing that with God on our side, we would get help” she said.

Simon said after they had ran very far from the forest, they fortunately came across a Fulani herdsman, who helped them out of the bush to the express-road where they boarded a vehicle back to Chibok.

She disclosed that she was in Maiduguri, because they were asked to come and watch a video that was recently released by the Boko Haram, leader Abubakar Shakau, in order for them to ascertain if the other girls who are still in captivity are all from GGSS.

Simon, who confirmed that there were many of her schoolmates in the video, added that she felt a little bit relieved seeing that they are still alive, and expressed optimism that they will come back like she did.

The elated escapee asserted that she felt bad when she saw some her schoolmates that are Christians reciting the Holy Koran.

“It makes me feel sad knowing that they must have been forced to recite the Koran. I know four of the girls to be good Christians that will never accept to change their faith. It is sad that they have been forced to become Muslims” Simon said.

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