Saturday, 17 May 2014

8 Tips For Really Good Sex

We’d all like to have better sex, maybe even more sex, right? Several research studies have told us that having better, meaningful sex can also be great for our personal health and relationships. So whether you are adventurous or pretty ‘vanilla’ in the bedroom, here are eight (8) tried and true ways to please your mate in the sack!

8 Tips For Really Good Sex
8 Pleasure Principles
1. Commit and indulge in foreplay. Spend three times the time in foreplay that you spend on actual intercourse. Many women (and men too) need to warm up like an oven while some are more microwaves. Nevertheless, take time to set the mood and hold hands, caress body parts, kiss, nibble, etc.

2. Take it slow and don’t rush, be relaxed in bed – lie back and slow down for a minute or two. Let your partner know you are into him or her and not just ‘going through the motion.’

3. Mix it up in the bedroom. Be open to sex toys, role play, and different sexual positions. And be verbal, telling your partner what turns him or her on in the bedroom. Reward your mate with verbal affirmation and you will be rewarded as well.

4. Men, this is for you. Enter the vagina only when your partner is fully wet and ready for you. Otherwise you can cause skin tears and that’s super un-sexy.

5. Oral sex can stimulate a women’s genitalia too and get her be ready for the man. And most men will tell you, they’d appreciate you returning the favor. Even if oral sex is ‘not your thing,’ consider what your partner likes and see where you both can find pleasure.

6. During sexual intercourse, keep the mood going by making eye contact, be aware of your partner’s non-verbal cues and see what is pleasurable or not. Do more of the good stuff.

7. If you think you are ready to ‘come’ or ejaculate slow down for a few seconds. Be still. Change your position if necessary. Again, while few men can last for hours, no guy wants to be a one-minute man. As men age, ‘recovery time’ increases, so foreplay is key again.

8. It goes without saying but I’m going to say it. Hygiene can make or break the mood. Be careful to not douse yourself in loud cologne or oil as this can be a distraction. The point is to get closer. Also, think about your body hair and whether grooming is in order. The more body hair, sometimes the more body odor. Trimming pubic, underarm, or chest hairs can make the difference. And the same with finger and toe nails – keep them trim and dirt free. Your mate will appreciate it.

Research indicates that the best sexual intercourse lasts between 7 and 15 minutes. The more time you spend in foreplay the higher the chances of getting the perfect orgasm. Take time to enjoy one another and once you and your partner are aligned, watch the fireworks fly.

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