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A Woman who had gone to study for a Master’s degree in China was shocked to return home and find another woman engaged in “studying” her husband. The “smallhouse” was going about the kitchen cooking whilst donning a bathing towel. The jilted wife stripped and beat the living daylights out of her.

Sadie Thapel and her husband’s mistress became the centre of attention last Sunday when the two faced up to each other in a bitter battle. Sadie Thapelo had just caught her husband’s concubine Khumo Komane aged 35 inside her house cooking food. The unsuspecting mistress had wrapped herself with a white towel when Sadie and her friends pounced on her. She was alone in the house belonging to Sadie and her husband ThapeloThapelo, 42. The couple had been married for less than two years. Relating the incident Sadie says she returned to the country from China, where she was studying a Masters Degree, in January.

A Woman who had gone to study for a Master’s degree in China was shocked to return home and find another woman engaged in “studying” her husband.
Upon her arrival at the airport her husband’s relatives met her and took her to their home in Gaborone saying that her husband was out of town and had locked the matrimonial home.

After several failed attempts to get in touch with her husband,she decided to go and check out her home. “I had information that my husband was staying with another woman in our house. I tried to talk to him for three months but without success. I engaged the Tlokweng Kgosi, police and his uncles but he failed to show up,” Sadie explained.

Upon arriving in Tlokweng she found to her surprise the house was locked, but with somebody inside. “I knocked countless times until I forced the door open. I found an intruder inside my house. I asked her what she was doing there but she did not speak. I then pulled a sjambok and walloped her,” she said. Sadie explains that Komane did not attempt to fight back, which she took as an admission of guilt.

“I beat her several times. She did not even cry or scream, that lady is like a beast. She confessed to having an extra-marital affair with my husband and revealed that they have a baby who is less than a month old.

“I put it to her that she was staying in my house and therefore she should pack her things and go, which she did.”

She further explained that Komane claimed Thapelo had not told her that he was a married man. “She will know better next time that
ignorance of the law is not an excuse. I will teach her a lesson that she will never forget. I understand she teaches Agriculture at a school in Molepolole.”

Sadie says she has since laid charges of marriage wrecking against Komane. The case will be heard on 23 April at the Village Magistrates’ Court.

“I will sue my husband for bringing another woman into my house and I will sue him for breach of promise as he promised to be true to me
through thick and thin,” she said. Although Sadie says she has already forgiven her husband for having an extra marital affair, she will not rest until justice is done.

“I am a born again Christian who will never cheat on my husband. I still love him even after what he did to me. I will not file for divorce but should he file for divorce I will ask the court that he pays maintenance for his child. We have a 7 months baby boy whom he has never met because he was born in China,” she added. Reached for comment Thapelo did not dispute having an extra-marital affair with Komane.

He commented: “I am fed up with my wife. She is harassing me. I am a nice guy. I want the world to know that I am divorcing her. Court
papers will be served on her this week. Watch this space.” Both parties have confirmed that the fight was not reported to the police. Komane could not be contacted to comment.- the voice

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