Friday, 11 April 2014

Man throws away marriage ring as secret photographer pounces

Mirror Reporter - MASVINGO – A man filmed in a compromising position with a vendor in a bush in Masvingo got so confused after being confronted by the secret photographer that he immediately removed his marriage ring and tried to hide it away from the camera.
Man throws away marriage ring as secret photographer pounces
When challenged on his actions, the man who refused to give his name insisted that he was not married.
The secret camera man waylaid the man and a woman who said she was a vendor and filmed them for close to five minutes while they made love in a bush behind Exor Service Station. The two love birds did not even realise that they were being filmed and the photographer got so close that he knelt down above them and continued to film without them realising it.

The photographer told The Mirror that his objective in exposing such people was in order to arrest moral decadence that has hit the city. He said most people that he caught were married.

Last week The Mirror reported of a secret photographer who is on the prowl in the city and taking videos of couples found in compromising positions in public places. The photographer said moral decadence was so bad that all bushes around town were being used as love nests even in broad daylight. Common rendezvous were the bushes near GZU, CSC, the lawn cemetery, new Rhodhene and a bush near Stopover.
“Men and women of Masvingo are slipping into serious moral decadence and hordes of people are making love in broad daylight in bushes around the city and in their cars. This is abominable and we all need to act to stop this,” said the photographer.
Man throws away marriage ring as secret photographer pounces
After filming the couple, the photographer then softly asks them; “hey what are you doing?” The man who lay on top of the woman and had his trousers down to his knees looked so stone shocked to raise his head and find himself looking up a camera lens.

He dropped his face and for what looked like eternity lay still apparently not knowing what to do next.
The woman also lay still but seemed to have been the first to recover from the shock. She dropped down her hands that had been caressing the man’s bare back. The photographer kept the camera focussed as the woman slowly pulled down the man’s shirt which had almost been pulled up to the shoulders.

She then started slowly pulling down her skirt as the couple remained in the compromising position. Suddenly they jumped off and the man pulled up his trousers and removed a ring from his finger and dropped it into his pocket.

Man throws away marriage ring as secret photographer pounces
They pleaded with the photographer for mercy before they went in different directions.
The secret photographer told The Mirror that he had waylaid the lovebirds as they came into the bush.
“The two came and sat at a place difficult to see them from all the different directions. The man made some surveillance of the place but did not see me. He then came back and took a smoke and the woman was insisting that they start because she wanted to go back to sell her wares,” said the secret

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