Friday, 11 April 2014

Man in court for demanding sex from daughter-in-law

Artwell Wikirefu - BIKITA - A Bikita man, Freddy Nderere was last week dragged before Chief Clemence Mupakwa`s traditional court facing charges of demanding sex from Otilia Sharara(19), his daughter in law.
Sharara told the court that his father in-law started to demand sex from him after he denied her several visits to Harare where her husband is based.
“Baba vakati vanoda kurara neni mumablankets. Vakati vacharara neni chete chero zvodii, ndavakutovatya. Vakazvitaura mushure mekundirambidza kuenda nemurume wangu.Vakati we need to do something before you go to your husband (My father in-law swore that he will sleep with me. He said this after refusing to give me permission to visit my husband who is based in Harare,” said Sharara.

Man in court for demanding sex from daughter-in-law
Speakig during the court session Nderere refuted the allegations and said all these were lies.
“How come you accuse me of things I have never said? There were many people on the day she alleged I said all these things. Let us wait for my witnesses to testify before the court so that the chief can give his ruling,” said Nderere.

Patience Sharara, an elder sister to Otilia said she was baffled when she heard the father in-law demanding sex from her young sister.
“I was shocked to hear Nderere saying that in front of me and other people. Despite that he was cautioned not to say that in public by other people who were at my house, he kept on saying it.
“As a result I felt that my sister was not secure in the presence of him,” said Sharara`s elder sister.
“I will pass judgement after all the people who have something to do with this case have come and testified before the court because this is a serious case. We are only waiting for Nderere`s witnesses to come and testify, because the ones for Sharara have already done that,” said Mupakwa.crime

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