Friday, 25 April 2014

Macheso ‘small manhood’ behind divorce

The parties finally held the out-of-court discussions to terminate their marriage that his the rocks in November last year. Sources familiar with the fallout revealed yesterday that the two parties made damaging claims against each other and chances of reconciliation are next to zero.

Macheso insisted on speedy paternity tests on the two kids Tafadzwa had during her brief marriage to sungura musician. It also emerged that one of the reasons, if not the main, why Macheso is pushing for the tests is that Tafadzwa used to complain that the museve musician, despite being a giant in music, was failing to satisfy Tafadzwa in bed.

Before being married to Macheso, Tafadzwa was previously married to a teacher and a feared armed robber, who supposedly was armed with a lengthy ‘anaconda’ that Macheso could by no chance compete with.
Macheso ‘small manhood’ behind divorce
Macheso’s lawyers told Tafadzwa that her behaviour during the short-lived marriage created obvious disharmony and uncertainty. And for someone who criticized Macheso for not ‘pumping’ his manhood into her ‘honey pot’ deep enough, the musician’s camp is convinced that that Tafadzwa ‘leased’ her ‘sexual tunnel’ to other men and this is the major reason behind the demand for paternity tests.

Even during yesterday’s talks, Tafadzwa is understood to have told Macheso point blank that one of the problems during their marriage was his SMALL MANHOOD which she likened to a caterpillar worm – also known as dora (madora in plural). As a result of Macheso’s alleged ‘kagusvani’, the two reportedly never slept together since Tafadzwa gave birth for the second time.

There were also claims that Macheso has his own way of treating ‘nhova’, which was not acceptable to Tafadzwa as it amounted to sexually abusing the kids. The claim is that Macheso had his way on Alick Junior although a fight ensued in which Tafadzwa was on the receiving end and when she threatened taking the matter to the police, she was ‘silenced’ with a Honda car. Tafadzwa, however, allegedly refused this ‘nhova’ treatment on her daughter, which effectively ended the polygamous marriage.

Sources claimed Tafadzwa contemplated taking the kids to Mutare to get away from Macheso owing to the unorthodox technique. Another reason for the split was, according to sources, that Tafadzwa insulted Macheso’s mother and using her Malawian origin to question her morals. These are part of the allegations laid by Tafadzwa which the sungura ace claimed to be ‘malicious and damaging’.

On the side of Macheso, claims are that their union was full of lies, with Tafadzwa misrepresenting to the ‘Tafadzwa nyarara’ hit maker on several issues. Tafadzwa reportedly bragged that she had links with well known people in and outside the country and constantly threatened the said small-manhood proud owner. She would even claim that these high ranking citizens visited her at her Eastlea lodgings.

Among internationally acclaimed personnel, which Tafadzwa claimed to have links with is popular Senegalese hiphop artiste, Akon. H Metro

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