Thursday, 17 April 2014

Macheso divorce turns ugly, demands DNA tests

The fallout between sungura giant, Alick Macheso and Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako took an ugly turn as the musician indicated that he will be pushing for paternity tests before committing to maintaining the two kids from their brief marriage.

As revealed by H-Metro on Monday, the marriage collapsed three months ago and Macheso has hardly visited Tafadzwa at her Mainway Meadows lodgings.

While the parties tried to keep the break-up under wraps, things have since taken a new dimesion following the H-Metro story on Monday.

The fallout between sungura giant, Alick Macheso and Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako has taken an ugly turn
We can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Tuesday morning, Macheso’s lawyers- Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers- based at Magoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza wrote to Tafadzwa seeking to finalise the divorce.

According to our Makoni-based mole the letter from Macheso’s lawyer asked Tafadzwa to attend a meeting so that they agree on the financial terms for maintenance and rentals regardless of what they termed wayward behaviour by the erstwhile wife.

The lawyers also said they were willing to enter a deal with Tafadzwa despite what they termed ‘scandalous allegations’ by her regarding the breakdown of the controversial marriage.

It also emerged that Tafadzwa has been getting USD$600-700 from Macheso every Monday when Orchestra Mberikwazvo band members get remunerated after weekend shows.

More dramatic was that Macheso’s lawyers indicated to Tafadzwa that they had been instructed to pursue paternity tests to determine whether the sungura giant is the real father of the two children he will soon be maintaining.

This is because of Tafadzwa’s alleged wayward behaviour that has caused obvious disharmony and suspicion on the part of Macheso.

In other words, Macheso suggests that Tafadzwa’s morals are so questionable she could have cheated on him and mothered the two kids with someone else.

Tafadzwa’s known mobile phone has been off since the H-Metro story on Monday and thus she could not be contacted for comment amid claims she visibly stressed.

Also the identity of her lawyers could not be immediately established.

Given the record exclusive stories on her relationship and eventual marriage to Macheso, Tafadzwa has never liked H-Metro.

However, our Makoni-based mole revealed that Tafadzwa had immediately engaged a lwayer who contacted Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers to say that she would not be engaging in an out-of-court settlement.

They would rather meet in court.

Our mole added that the Macheso camp had advised Tafadzwa against taking the matter to court as they will make sure she gets peanuts.

“The camp warned Tafadzwa that if she decides to take the civil court route, they will prove that things have been tough for Macheso as shows are no longer generating the USD$6-7000 he used to earn for much of the time the marriage was intact.

“This will no doubt put her under pressure because she needs the money from Macheso and a court process might complicate things for her. So chances are that she will give in and settle out of court,” said our mole.

It emerged that on Monday Tafadzwa had to wait for Macheso at the Aquatic Complex to get her weekly allowance. There were reports also that Tafadzwa visited Macheso’s Waterfalls home where he stays with first wife Nyadzisai- for the first time in three months to protest against the H-Metro story.

It is claimed she wanted to know the source of the story as the allegations made against her were damaging.

As he had not seen the H-Metro source, Macheso denied contributing anything to the story but also questioned her if the report on marriage breakdown was not true.

But going back to what Macheso’s lawyers termed scandalous allegations, H-Metro is reliably informed that this involves the issue of what is known as NHOVA in shona.

The fallout over the ‘NHOVA’ issue is understood to have been so bad that Macheso has never touched Tafadzwa since then.

All the togetherness that appeared in newspaper pictures were actually publicity stunts as deep down, the fallout had taken effect as early as Novmber last year. H Metro

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