Monday, 17 March 2014

Woman raped after reading the Bible

A 30-year-old woman from Kagiso, west of Johannesburg, SA, says that she was raped last Wednesday soon after reading her Bible in bed. She said she looked up and saw an armed man standing at her bedroom door.Her mum and 23-year-old sister were sleeping in their rooms.
"I wet my bed in fear. He said I should keep quiet and give him my cellphone. He ordered me to undress, raped me and put blankets over my head before fleeing," she said.

Woman raped after reading the Bible
The family believe they are cursed and fear that not even the Bible can protect them. This fear is because of a series of events they believe are connected.

In 2008, her sister was raped at gunpoint by a neighbour while the electricity was out. Four days later their father died. The case against the neighbour was later withdrawn after he claimed he was the sister's lover.

In December the family's house was broken into, and last month the 30-year-old was burnt badly when a pot of boiling pap fell on her. Her sister and her boyfriend guard the house during the night while she and her mother sleep. In the morning when they go to work, the couple sleeps.

Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya said cops are investigating the latest rape.

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