Saturday, 22 March 2014

Secret photographer prowls Masvingo

A secret photographer is on the prowl in Masvingo City combing Masvingo through the bushes around town, taking snaps and videos of people found in compromising positions.

A retail manager with one of the leading supermarkets in the city is seen in one of the videos literally kneeling down and pleading with the cameramen to delete the footage after he was captured making love to a woman in a bush behind CSC.

Secret photographer prowls Masvingo

 The Mirror was shocked by the long collection of videos that the cameramen now has showing prominent people including managers of leading retail shops in the city centre, students from higher learning institutions, women doing trade at various flea markets and young women making love from those bushes.

Common rendezvous where the photographer took pictures are bushes behind CSC, Exor Service Station, NRZ station, the Lawn Cemetery and GZU.
The Zimre Park area where new Rhodhene is being built is now nicknamed Mahuswa Lodge as tens of flashy cars park there in broad day light and couples make love from either their cars or from the bush.

A woman who spoke to The Mirror said married women neglected by their husbands particularly from Rhodene drove their little boyfriends to a bush close to Lawn Cemetery which has become a popular love nest.

Secret photographer prowls Masvingo
The cameramen said his busiest days were Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
“You cannot go into these bushes and fail to see two or three people in compromising positions. I am making a collection but I must admit that at times I am contracted to make investigations on behalf of suspicious spouses. When I am through I surrender the the video to the wife or the husband with all the evidence. I currently hold a video of a certain manager which the wife wants,” said the photographer.

Secret photographer prowls Masvingo
The secret photographer would sometimes even intimidate his victims into giving interviews in return for forgiveness, deletion of the videos or pictures or to stop the cameraman from splashing them on social network.
“I go to these places anytime I come back with a beautiful video. It is not that I like this but I want to discourage the people of this city from sliding into such social decadence,” said the cameramen.
He said his other missin was to capture those who make love from cars at popular drinking holes during the night. He said the problem was lightining but he was gradually getting over that.main news
Mirror Reporter - Masvingo 

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