Thursday, 20 March 2014

Man denies bedding a dog: My manhood is too big!

A 49-year-old Epworth man accused of molesting a dog appeared in court yesterday and members of the neighbourhood watch committee narrated how they watched him have sexual intercourse with the canine. Neville Mpofu of 729D Overspill, Epworth denied bestiality charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Vongai Muchuchuti.

In his defence, Mpofu bragged that his manhood was so big that it could not fit into the dog’s private parts. “If a person touches a dog’s tail, the dog will bite,” he said. “I don’t have any marks on me, how come these people are saying I molested the dog?

“I came back from work around 10:30pm and waited in our maize field because my stepson is protective of his mother. He doesn’t like me, he is violent and talkative, so I was waiting for him to leave the house when these police officers ambushed me. The dog is very small and had never mated before or given birth. My manhood is too big to penetrate a dog.”

Man denies bedding a dog: My manhood is too big!
The first State witness Cephas Dzamara, one of the neighbourhood watch committee members, narrated how he watched as Mpofu called the dog by snapping his fingers.

“We were four with James Tindike, Chris Dokote and Mike Purazi and at first I did not see that it was a dog he was calling until it ran away into the road,” he said. “We witnessed him follow the dog and carried it to the back of a toilet. He knelt down and held the dog’s hind legs with one hand while the other was holding the dogs head.”

Dzamara said two of his colleagues stealthily approached Mpofu who was now engaged in the sexual act. “He was startled when we held his belt and the dog ran away, his zipper was open and his manhood was outside,” he said.

“We arrested him at the scene and later closed his zipper after women started chiding him for failing to come to them for free intimacy.” Mike Purazi and Chrispen Dokote corroborated Dzamara’s evidence, emphasising that Mpofu, in apparent enjoyment, was holding the dog tightly between his legs.Judgment has been set for today.

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