Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Juju: Ecocash agent's US$150 mysteriously turns into cigarette paper

Being a vendor in Zimbabwe or even being a cashier is quite a risky following reports of cash mysteriously turning into various objects such as avocado tree leaves, paper and other queer objects.

What is more surprising is that those fingered in masterminding such odd behaviours are usually church people.

Last week a Highfield based Ecocash operator got the shock of her life when her US$150 cash mysteriously turned into a cigarette paper after an unidentified Madzibaba used the money to buy airtime worth only US$5.

It is reported that on Friday last week, Cynthia Ngudu (PICTURED), who operates a registered Ecocash Agent at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield was left speechless after US$150 which she had mysteriously turned into an Everest Cigarette paper.

Ngudu said one Madzibaba had approached her as he intended to cash-in US$200 into his Ecocash account. The elderly 'mupostori' reportedly told Ngudu that before cashing in the money, he first wanted to wait for his church mates who were coming all the way from Nyanga to arrive. They were reportedly meant to attend a Masowe church gathering which he claimed would take place at Highfield High 1 School. According to the man's claims, he wanted his church mates to get to Harare first before he could cash in his US$200 for reasons best known to himself. However he surprisingly gave the Ecocash agent his money to safely keep it while he was waiting for his alleged associates to get into the capital city.

Ngudu said she took the US$200 cash and the said Mupostori left to do rounds within the vicinity of the Machipisa shopping centre.

Later on, Madzibaba returned and said his church mates had arrived, however, he shifted goal posts and said he had decided not to deposit the money into his Ecocash account, instead, he had opted to buy airtime worth US$5 using one of the US$100 notes.

Ngudu is said to have handed over one hundred dollars to the man together with airtime worth US$5 and his $95 change.

"After serving him, another boy came and he gave me US$50 which I wrapped with a paper together with Madzibaba's US$100," she said.

The woman said no one else approached her to buy airtime or conduct any Ecocash transaction thereafter until she knocked off for the day. Ngudu could not believe her eyes when she unwrapped her paper, which she always uses to keep her money, only to discover that the US$150 had turned into an Everest cigarette paper.

"I personally wrapped the money. No one got into my Ecocash cabin, but the money turned into a paper. All I managed to do was to ask vendors who sell their wares near my place of work if they had seen that Madzibaba. I wept but no one could help me. I suspect that Madzibaba because his actions were so queer and unusual," she said.

A female vendors confirmed the incident and said she thought the alleged Madzibaba had 'liked' the woman and was probably in the process of proposing love to her.

"We saw the man, he made several trips, to and from Ngungu's place. I sell airtime here and I buy my airtime for resale from Ngudu's shop. At first I thought it was a matter of love at first sight considering the way he would make countless trips to Ngudu's shop. When I heard her crying I could not deny it because madzibaba's actions were so questionable. Now I'm even scared to sell airtime to anyone with higher denominations of money," said Joyce Mativenga.

Other vendors also confirmed having encountered similar experiences previously.

In 2012, a woman from Prophet Makandiwa's UFI church made headlines when she reportedly purchased goods worth nearly US$500 at Mabvuku Spar before handing over US$500 which allegedly turned into five avocado leaves instantly.

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