Tuesday, 4 March 2014

‘I was just a man in love’

Makomborero Mutimukulu
Mr Simba Chikore’s decision to go after a beautiful flower, the only one in President Mugabe’s garden, had everyone around him - family, friends and workmates - speaking in hushed tones. Some wondered if he appreciated the implications of what he was doing but did not have the courage to say it in his face.

Others had the guts to tell him to “stop playing dangerously” by continuing his pursuit of Miss Bona Mugabe. Some, like his brother Ray, voiced their support, but secretly doubted his capacity to sweep the beauty off her feet. Yes, he is a pilot, but the daughter of a President would most likely marry the son of a fellow head of state, they mused. However, Mr Chikore proved them wrong.

Yesterday, he tied the knot with Miss Mugabe, the beloved daughter of Baba naMai Mugabe of Zvimba Village or Number 1 Chancellor Avenue, Harare.

Mr Chikore said he knew that Miss Mugabe was “the one” the moment he first laid his eyes on her.
This was on a date and at a place he declined to reveal.

“The only thing I can tell you is that I am just a very normal guy. I am just a guy who saw a girl, I loved her and that was it . . . ,” the President’s son-in-law told The Sunday Mail in a brief but exclusive interview at his bachelor party in the capital last Wednesday.

Mr Chikore came highly commended, with First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe speaking glowingly of him at the Today’s Woman International Conference in October last year.

“Way back, I asked my daughter whether she had a boyfriend since she was growing up the same way I did, a shy and reserved person, and she said there was someone who was proposing to her.

“I called Mai Eunor Guti to ask about the boyfriend and her response in Shona was ‘Mukomana iyeye akaita mukuwasha wenyu, muchafara’.
“I spoke to Baba Ezekiel Guti, again he echoed the same sentiments. They developed a relationship and I told my daughter I am going to bring you up the traditional way. Do not ever let that boy touch your breast or your body. You must have the honour to get married when you are still a virgin. She has listened to me and I spoke to Mai Chikore’s son, Simba, and I told him that I want my daughter to get married when she is still a virgin and he respects that.”

So, with those glowing remarks in the public domain, a select few — gentlemen of a higher league — made their way to the Rainbow Towers as Simba bade adieu to bachelorhood. The expectations were high. The questions were many. However, in his three minute 23 seconds speech at the party, Simba showed the world just why he came highly commended.

The man has strong Christian values and humility written all over him. One would not imagine he is a pilot with an international airline. Pilots are perceived to be aloof, are they not?

Simba, who confessed to being tongue-tied, thanked his family and friends for organising the bachelor party, saying he needed it as he felt like a “sitting duck” ahead of his big day.

“Everything that has happened in my life is not because of me, it’s in spite of me and I want to thank God for that,” he said.
“God is amazing, I am not the kind of Christian who talks of God in an Abracadabra kind of way.

“When God wants to take you somewhere . . . you don’t have to be the best man for the job. You don’t have to have the skills . . . you just have to obey God.”

Mr Chikore’s brother, Mr Ray Chikore, disclosed that he did not know whether to encourage or discourage his sibling when he told him that he had his eye on Miss Bona Mugabe.

“He came to my house all excited and said ‘I have something to tell you’. He said ‘I am in love’ and I asked: With who?
“He said with Bona and there is only one Bona I know, but for the avoidance of doubt, I asked: Who is Bona? And he said Bona Mugabe.

“I didn’t know whether to encourage or discourage him. Simba, today I will tell you the truth . . . when you first told me I didn’t believe you, but this weekend it’s happening.”

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