Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hairdresser, nurse fight over married man

By Arron Nyamayaro
HARARE – A nurse stationed at Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council clashed with a hairdresser of Executive hair salon over a married barber in the Avenues.

Hair dresser and nurse fight over married man

Tsitsi Mutaramuswa caused a stir when she attacked Batsirai Tambowoga tearing his clothes and accusing him of dating a married Ellah Jameson. Clients at the salon had to restrain Tsitsi as she shouted unprintable words on top of her voice.

Tsitsi discovered the nude photographs and dating messages after Batsirai left his mobile phoned at Tsitsi’s apartment at Marsham Court along Fife Avenue where he dipped his ‘joy-stick into Tsitsi’s cookie jar’.

Batsirai, a father of two, confirmed cheating with Tsitsi and Ellah who are separated by Blackston Street along Fife Avenue.

Ellah denied the allegations saying Batsirai is only a work mate and nothing more but Tsitsi confirmed her side of the affair accusing Ellah of destroying her affair.

“If you have not witnessed a violent nurse I am one of them and I disciplined Batsirai for double crossing me with such an elderly woman,” said Tsitsi.

“I am a professional person and cannot share a man with a hairdresser that is why I disciplined Batsirai and Ellah must be carefull.

“Batsirai left his mobile phone in my car and I scrolled it before bumping into nude photographs and messages sent by Ellah.

“Batsirai demanded a picture of Ellah’s private parts on Valentines’s day and she complied by sending it within minutes and that angered me much.

“I am aware that Batsirai is married and I do not care about that. I sent threatening messages to Ellah, in fact I wanted to discipline her also.

Hairdresser, nurse fight over married man

“Batsirai has been relying on my money and I used to take my brother’s car so that he drives around for his businesses only to discover that he is cheating on me with a hairdresser,” said Tsitsi.

Ellah showed H-Metro messages sent by Tsitsi warning her over Batsirai.

“I am not cheating with Batsirai only that we are workmates and nothing else,” said Ellah.

“I was shocked to see Tsitsi fuming at our salon accusing me of dating Batsirai and she sent some threatening messages which I think I might use to make a police report.

“She is a violent person and a few days ago she was at police holding cells for fighting with another lady after duping her of her cash,” said Ellah.

Some of the messages sent by Tsitsi to Ellah read;

“Watch yr back coz am coming for u, hure remunhu rwendo runo unotama muharare wati wadini, I don’t compete newe hauna chikoro unonhuwa be…., so brace yrself for a good fyt will be waiting for you, u low life bitch chembere isinganyari murume wako ndamumamisa kwasara iwe mangwana ndiwe, if you want to live don’t come to work but kana waikwi…na batsi cum I want to embarrass you this morning, hure hure hure enda kupolice I don’t care uone kuti ndoitwa sei, be….rakachembera I don’t compete nechembere wanzwa am too beautiful to be competing newe mrs ugly mukadzi wa mr ugly dananai chaizvo wanzwa see if I care zichembere vako wanzwa kana unenharo cum see me,”

Batsirai confirmed cheating with Ellah and Tsitsi blaming himself for leaving his mobile phone with Tsitsi.

“Pachikomana inotambika only that I made a mistake by leaving my phone with her and she went through the messages,” said Batsirai.

“I beg you not to publish this for it will not go well with my family and business and as we speak I am living in fear of my future after that incident musalon hamusikugarika wangu.

“Tsitsi anemoto and yesterday she demanded to see me at her apartment where we had another stand off and her father demanded US$1oo from me and I do not know why he did that,” said Batsirai.
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