Monday, 17 March 2014


POLICE in Mashonaland Central province said they were investigating an alleged attempted rape incident that occurred on March 6 involving an expectant mother and an expatriate doctor at the Salvation Army Church-run Howard Hospital.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Lee Muchemwa confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were still in progress.

Meanwhile, the alleged victim, a 22-year-old pregnant woman, told NewsDay last Friday that the suspect, Zairemthiama Pachuau, had prior to the incident sent her nine love messages on her mobile phone.

“I went for a scan in the evening with four other women and I was the last one to be attended to,” she said.

“When I went in, he locked his door and asked if I had seen his messages. I asked him why he was doing that and by then, he had undressed. I pushed him and fought. I was so shocked,” she said.

“He used to send me messages and I responded thinking it was my husband who was texting me. He started sending messages like, ‘babe, you are beautiful and attractive’.

“He sent another one saying ‘Hi babe how was your dinner’ and continued sending messages up to the ninth one. I only responded to three of his messages because I thought I was chatting with my husband,” she said.

Asked how he got her number and why she responded to his messages, she said: “When I went to his office, he asked for my phone and dialled his number on my phone so that my number would appear on his and I think that’s how he got it.

“He tried to force himself on me, but he could not. I think he thought I was in love with him because I was responding to his messages. I went to the police not to report him, but to have them assist me in explaining to him that I did not love him, but when I got there, the matter had already been reported by other people.”
Salvation Army officials at the hospital refused to comment over the matter describing it as sensitive.

The church officials briefly detained the two NewsDay journalists who were investigating the matter, accusing them of trespassing.- NEWSDAY

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