Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bulawayo woman leaves hubby sleeping, goes to have sex with Kombi driver in maize field

A Bulawayo man apparently suffered a permanent wound in his heart after he allegedly caught his wife in a midnight sex adventure with his married neighbour in a maize field.

The aggrieved man, after busting his wife in the midst of adultery allegedly gave her a jackboot.

It is alleged that the woman, Percy Mpofu of Nkulumane 12, tiptoed from her house to have a quickie with her married neighbour, Farai Ndoziva.

Prior to the incident which is the talk of the suburb, Farai - a kombi driver - and the cheated man, Brian Moyo, who is a motor mechanic were reportedly close friends.

According to a source, Brian woke up and found himself alone in the house before he went outside to look for his wife. When he went outside, he reportedly heard some groans and screaming of sexual pleasure coming from the maize field, before he went there to investigate what was taking place. The married mechanic could not believe his eyes when he found his wife Percy and his friend Farai busy like rabbits, enjoying their 'doggy' style, it is alleged.

"Brian is trying to come to terms with his wife's cheating antics with his friend Farai. The woman waited for her husband to fall asleep before she tiptoed from the house to a nearby maize field where she met Farai and indulged in sex," said the source.

When reached for comment, Brian confirmed the incident  and pleaded with this reporter not to publish the story claiming it would tarnish his image.

"What you heard is true that I caught my wife cheating on me with Farai but I beg you not to write the story since it is going to put a dent on my life," he said, but then My Zimbabwe News' motto is "If you don't want it published, then don't ever let it happen".

Farai the kombi driver confirmed that he was indeed caught in the company of Brian's wife at night in the maize field, but he claimed that they were just relaxing.

"We were not having sex but Brian became suspicious after his wife whom I was relaxing with took long to return home," he said.

The cheating woman, Percy could not be reached for comment as her whereabouts are currently unknown after being chucked out of the house by her angry husband.

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