Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bulawayo pastor follows Gumbura's footsteps, hands over married men to devil

A Bulawayo man of God has seemingly decided to follow embattled Independent End Time message pastor Robert Martin Gumbura's footsteps by handing over men to the devil.

Gumbura, who has so far served almost a month of his 40-year jail term after being found guilty of raping four women, would allegedly hand over any woman who refused to bow to his commands to the devil.

Pastor Maxwell Chikosi of Eagle Eye Tabernacle Church could have learnt one or two things from the infamous pastor Gumbura as he has also reportedly resorted to handing over people who threaten to leave his church into the hands of Satan. This is exactly the same threat that Pastor Gumbura - a husband of 11 women - would also tell anyone who wished to leave his church.

As is that was not enough, Pastor Chikosi is further alleged to have persuaded church members whose husbands or wives are not members of his church to divorce them. He allegedly unleashes a barrage of verbal attacks to tarnish the reputation of anyone who opposes his doctrine and line of thinking.

One former member of his church, Mr Michael Dlodlo fought a legal battle with the controversial pastor in 2007n when Chikosi allegedly lured Dlodlo's wife to divorce him after he pulled out of his church.

Through his lawyers (Mahamba legal practitioners), Dlodlo wrote to Chikosi expressing his dissatisfaction, and the so-called man of God confirmed having received the said letter.

Part of the letter read: "We act for Michael Dlodlo on this matter. Until sometime three years ago, our client has been a member of your congregation. ......You differed with him on some doctrinal issues and thus he left your church leaving his wife and children."

After Dlodlo had opted out of Eagle Eye tabenacle Church, Pastor Chikosi allegedly went ballistic denigrating him and also 'spiraling deep religious hatred' against him.

The cleric allegedly used the pulpit to preach sermons of hatred against Dlodlo and called him 'anti-Christ', the serpent, Lucifer and Judas Iscariot's incarnation.

Mahamba Legal Practitioners demanded that pastor Chikosi apologises to Dlodlo for destroying his marriage, psychologically harming his children also denigrating their client.

"....you must write an unequivocal and unqualified letter of apology to our client for the defamation of his character... post a copy of such letter on the notice board at your church opr entrance to your church."

Dlodlo is not the only worshipper to complain about Pastor Chikosi's way of dealing with church members.

Another former church member, Jorden Hofisi also said Chikosi's teaching had a serious negative implication on his marriage.

"Pastor Chikosi is still preaching negative things about me and badly influencing my wife and children to disassociate with me and even encouraging divorce because I have left his church," Hofisi said in an interview last week.

Shockingly, Pastor Chikosi is said to have told Hofisi's wife, Zibusiso Ncube, that she was effectively a widow and therefore she should get rid of her wedding ring because her husband had moved out of their church.

When contacted for comment, the self styled man of God confirmed the two incidents, but said they were history.

"The issues you are talking about were solved through the police and the lawyers. Dlodlo wrote to me and i settled the differences through his lawyers. Hofisi reported me to the police and the matter is closed," he said.

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