Tuesday, 4 March 2014

5 alleged witches found naked at night in Ntabazinduna, demand human flesh

In yet another shocking incident, witches and wizards are causing havoc in Ntabazinduna under headman's Kenneth Khumalo's Luthu area.

Ntabazinduna is just 40 kilometres away from Bulawayo, along the Bulawayo-Harare Highway. Villagers in the area are alleging that witches are wrecking havoc and making their lives a nightmare as they demand human flesh from them.

So bizarre are the reports that villagers were also waking up to find graves desecrated or tampered with the following morning after burial. Five women from the area were reportedly found stark naked in Magodini Village in Sigola area in a suspected fopiled witchcraft expedition.

"We are living in fear because witches are always coming to our homesteads during the night, knocking at our doors demanding human flesh We know the suspected witches but it is difficult to face and reprimand them but we have since tasked the headman to call for a meeting to discuss the matter," said a woman who identified herself as Gogo MaNcube.

Village head Khumalo confirmed that five women were caught stark naked in a suspected witchcraft mission that went terribly wrong.

"What you heard is true. Five women from this area were found naked in Sigola in a failed witchcraft expedition. I feel embarrassed by the incident and everyone is talking about it. Barely two days after the Sigola incident, another woman from the five who are being fingered in the witchcraft case, was again found naked at one of the homesteads which falls under my jurisdiction.

"What I can say at the moment is that investigations are underway and I have been supplied with names of the five women. There is no doubt that these women are also the ones who are terrorising villagers during the night, knocking at their doors demanding human flesh," he said.

The traditional leader said efforts to enlist the services of witch hunters (ana tsikamutanda) to cleanse the area and parade the suspected witches are in progress.

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